Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 29

Rumors had it Alexander was cold-blooded, ruthless, and cruel.

No one would have expected him to be gentle and considerate to another person.

The water’s temperature was just right, so Lily comfortably took a hot bath and changed into new clothes and undergarments.

The discomfort she felt from her menstrual pain reduced considerably, and it made her feel relieved.

Alexander was right when he said Lily did not need to rush and should take a good rest first.

Lily took a nap while Alexander hugged her and fell asleep, giving her a great sense of security.

The two simply cuddled without doing anything else, and Lily felt a newfound peacefulness.

She napped for over an hour and realized her phone had countless missed calls when she woke up.

They were from Nathaniel, who seemed distressed, while Lily felt the exact opposite.

She slowly changed into a white dress.

The dress was simple, without any unique cuttings or designs, but it fitted Lily’s figure well, giving her an elegant look Before Lily left, Alexander circled his arms around her waist, his head buried in her neck as he nibbled on her skin.

“I don’t want to let go of you.” “I’m yours regardless of where I am.” Lily’s words made Alexander hold her tighter as he kissed her passionately.

After giving her another two pecks on her lips, he let her go.

I’ll get Edward to wait for you.

Come back once the press conference is over, “Okay.” Lily nodded before she turned around to leave.

Lily arrived at the venue when the impatient Nathaniel ran toward her and scolded, “Where the hell were you?! called you so many times! Why didn’t you answer any of my calls? Are you in contact with the people from Rebirth again? Lily, didn’t I make it clear enough to you? Do you still not know how critical this press conference is?! How dare you!” Lily glanced at Nathaniel coldly, making him choke on his words and stop talking.

“Let’s go in now.” They did not enter the venue right away.

Instead, Nathaniel brought Lily to the walkway and said quickly, “I’ve repeatedly reminded you of what to say, so I trust you’ve got this.

After today, MN Inc.

will do even better than before.

Lily, listen to me.

I know that you’ve always been sensible.

Everything depends on you today!” Lily listened to Nathaniel speak obediently with a faint smile on her face the whole time.

However, her silence made Nathaniel feel slightly anxious.

He wanted to say more but felt he had told her everything he needed her to know.

Finally, he placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned in closer to her as he whispered, in a voice so soft that it was only audible for the two of them, “I trust you, but you better not try anything funny.

Don’t blame me for the consequences you’ll suffer if you don’t do as I say.” Then Nathaniel let her go and looked at her lovingly.

Anyone else would have thought he said something sweet to her.

Lily’s smile was gone by now while her gaze was cold.

She turned around and headed to the venue.

As soon as she entered the building, flashing lights blinded her, causing her to squint her eyes.

The reporters raised their cameras one after another to take pictures of her.

She stopped and collected herself before quickly walking to the stage.

A row of tables was on the stage as several higher-ups from MN Inc.

took their seats on both ends, reserving the three center seats for Nathaniel, Lily, and Melanie.

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