Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 52

Lily knew she would be rejected but did not expect to be turned down this quickly. Jenny Thorn’s office door was shut tight, and her assistant would not let Lily in. She claimed Jenny was currently in a meeting and that non-permanent staff could not enter.

Half an hour of waiting later, Lily realized that Jenny’s meeting would not end anytime soon. Instead of simply waiting outside, she opted to enter the room unannounced.

Jenny’s assistant did not expect Lily to barge into the room, so she was helpless in stopping Lily and could only follow behind, yelling, “Ms. Thorn, she…” “Who gave your permission to enter?” Jenny glanced briefly at Lily and commented in a crude tone, “There’s a meeting going on here. Unauthorized personnel should get out!”

“I’ve officially joined Rebirth as permanent staff. On that account, I’m allowed to join the meeting as a staff member for this project, not just some unauthorized personnel,” Lily elaborated while walking toward an unoccupied chair and sitting down.

Jenny stared at her with disapproving eyes. “What does it matter if you’re a permanent staff member? As long as I deem you unfit for my team, you’ll never be accepted for this project.”

Everyone else at the conference table quickly lowered their heads, pretending to be preoccupied with something other than the palpable tension in the room. They have all heard about the rumors circling Lily Christian.

They knew that their boss, Jenny, was not happy with Lily. However, Jenny had no choice but to accept Lily as it was under the orders of their director that Lily was to join their department. In their eyes, Lily was a controversial figure with a troublesome past and dubious skills.

Why did their director force Lily to join the team against his most capable subordinate’s objections? It could only mean that something was going on between him and Lily.

Regardless of Lily’s working abilities, she clearly had quite a talent with men. It was surprising to them how easily she could manipulate their director. “Okay then, what should I do to win your approval? I’m willing to accept any challenge,” Lily said, shrugging casually. Just as Charles had mentioned, Jenny had a short fuse and was always frank.

However, she was not a malicious person and excelled at her job. It was best to resolve any issues Lily and Jenny had up front, as they would need to work together. Otherwise, they would always be at odds.

Honestly, Lily would much rather deal with Jenny, as Jenny was a genuine person. Instead of pretending that she liked you and then stabbing you in the back, Jenny was more likely to confront Lily directly if she was unhappy with something.

Unlike the underhanded ways of Nathaniel and Melanie, Lily preferred someone ‘mean’ on the surface, like Jenny.

“Pfft!” Jenny laughed as she glanced at Lily with taunting eyes, obviously not believing in Lily’s abilities,

“Talk is cheap. Are you sure you’re up for the challenge? There’s no backing out,” her lips finally gave way to a small smile, but a mocking one.

Lily nodded with determination, “I’m a woman of my word. Suppose I succeed in whatever challenges you throw at me. In that case, you’ll have to allow me into your project and agree to

work together. Deal?”

“All right, and if you fail, you’ll go to Mr. Will, quit, and leave Rebirth!” Jenny remarked sternly as the room went completely silent.

However, Lily did not back down, “Deal!”

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