Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 53

Seeing that Lily agreed so quickly, Jenny smirked in disdain. Even though Rebirth was a newly established company, it was still under the La Beauté Group. The staff members were all the best in the industry, which was why Jenny was unhappy with how Lily was employed.

Jenny was relieved that she finally had an excuse to reject Lily from her team and fire her from the company.

“You better not back out on our deal! I hate people like that!” Jenny quickly added, in fear of Lily regretting her decision.

“Relax, I won’t. Just like you, I hate people who do that as well,” Lily nodded in agreement.

Raising an eyebrow, Jenny turned slightly to her side and pointed at the table. “Come here.”

Lily stood up and walked toward Jenny. Shortly after entering the room, Lily noticed three fragrance bottles on the table in front of Jenny. All three of them looked the same. The amount of liquid content inside those bottles was probably the same, too. After all, Lily had

in the industry, and it was obvious to her that they were testing their new product.

Once a fragrance company introduces a new line of products, it would have to conduct many experiments on them. The perfumer was responsible for conducting repeated stability tests to determine any flaws. The success of these tests depended on the perfumer’s sensitivity to smell.

Lily stood silently by Jenny’s side, waiting for her to speak first. “These three were products rejected by the company. Now, why do you think they couldn’t meet the standards?” Jenny gestured toward the bottles with her chin. The others around the table looked at each other in surprise, but they quickly comprehended and remained silent.

Lily looked at Jenny in confusion. It was as if she was saying, ‘That’s it?’

Jenny, on the hand, ignored her and leaned back into her chair, eagerly waiting to see what would happen next.

Lily calmly grabbed the bottle in the middle, looked at the liquid inside, and moved on to the next. She did not remove the cover to smell them. Instead, she took her time looking at them one by one.

Her composed and unusual way of examining the fragrances earned her looks from across the room. However, they were not kind. Instead, the others were waiting for her to embarrass herself.

The reason for this hostility was because of recent news. Most people in the company would have heard of Lily by now, and their impression of her was not positive.

She was the type of person who would reveal sensitive information from her previous employer to join Rebirth.

Lily could sense the hostility, but it was not important. She had only confidence in her abilities now. After observing the bottles closely, she returned them to their original spots, looking at Jenny.

Jenny took a sip of her tea, waiting for Lily’s next move. She was a patient woman, so she would wait for Lily to play all of her cards before giving up.

Nonetheless, it surprised Jenny when Lily did not even open the bottles to take a sniff. Does this mean that she had already given up? “That’s it? You’re giving up already?” Jenny laughed mockingly, “Very well, I won’t embarrass you further since you’re clearly…”

“Ms. Thorn, you’re such a joker,” Lily said abruptly. Her interruption took Jenny by surprise, who stopped mid-sentence.

“Why would the company reject these? They’re the company’s prized assets. Aren’t they the company’s newly introduced line of products? I’m sure they were released about half a month ago and are selling like hotcakes,” Lily explained calmly.

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