Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 66

Melanie‘s mind raced as Nathaniel said that, wondering if there was anything else she could do.

Even though she had not thought of anything, she could only nod in response to Nathaniel‘s repeated urging. “Okay, I‘ll try my best!” “I knew you‘re the best!”

Nathaniel said happily, “In terms of Lily, I intend to speak with her again. I want to see if she has something up her sleeve.”

Sitting by the window in the cafe, Lily cut a small piece of cake with a spoon while swiping her phone. The door swung open. Olivia entered hastily, glanced around, and walked straight over to where Lily was sitting.

“Cappuccino and mille-feuille, please,” Olivia placed her order casually, set her bag down, and sighed. “Was a killer chasing after you?” Lily asked curiously, looking at her.

“Lily, don‘t joke about that!” Lily could not help but laugh when she saw Olivia‘s grumpy face. Reaching out and pinching Olivia‘s face, she asked, “Has Nathaniel made things difficult for you lately?”

“That villain!” Olivia was furious when Lily mentioned the sc*mbag. “He asked me to be Melanie‘s assistant and help her make new products.

Isn‘t that ridiculous?” Olivia couldn‘t help but curse as she continued, “Can you believe it? Melanie, that bimbo? What the hell does she know?

” Lily chuckled, “Don‘t say that. She‘s also a professional with certification. Also, she had won many awards.”

“Awards, my a*s!” Olivia spat. “Is that what she deserved? Shameless! Taking your credit and your man, now she even wants to defame you. How could there be such a shameless woman in the world?

I‘m outraged!” “Shh…” Placing a finger on her lips, Lily motioned for Olivia to keep it down. “He‘s not ‘my man anymore.”

“Hey, why are you so calm? Did you see what people are saying? I‘m about to burst. I‘m arguing with them! Shameless, how dare they delete my comments!” “Y–you quarreled with them?” Lily hadn‘t seen Olivia‘s post yet.

Nathaniel seemed to have hired someone to monitor the online chats. The lengths to which he had gone!

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