Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 69

The laboratories were generally a little farther from the city center. Firstly, they took up a large area, and it would be easier to find a suitable location in the suburbs since the price would be more affordable.

Secondly, the employees should do the experiments without distractions. Furthermore, it was easier to source spices and raw materials in the suburbs.

When Lily worked in MN Inc., its lab was also on the city‘s outskirts. However, Nathaniel‘s capital was limited, so he only rented half of an old factory building. He also used to complain when they had to purchase raw materials.

Of course, Nathaniel would still be pleased with the finished product, and then he would talk about the future with Lily. Yes, after all, it was all just talk.

Although the location Jenny had sent was remote, Lily could still get there by taxi. However, unlike what she expected, what awaited her was not just a factory but a whole tower.

Although it looked pretty standard, it was unexpected to have such a building in this area. “Ms. Gray, I‘m here,” Lily called Jenny, then stood at the door of the building.

The door was locked, and there were security guards and access control equipment, so this should be the place

“Give me five minutes,” Jenny answered briefly and quickly hung up the phone while Lily waited at the door. The surrounding area was empty, and not many people were living there, Lily did not expect Rebirth‘s laboratories to be like this.

After all, the wealthy La Beauté Group was Rebirth‘s backers. Of course, it would have never been the old factory like the one Lily used to work in. The unfamiliar might even think that others used the old factory to produce mechanical parts.

Five minutes later, Jenny came out. Unlike when Lily saw her the last time, Jenny was wearing a white coat with her hair rolled up under a cap. Her look was completely different this time.

After tapping the access card, Jenny said to Lily with a cold expression, “Come in with me! Remember, don‘t ask too much, talk less and listen more, understand?”

Lily nodded, “Okay!”

The elevator went up to the seventh floor. After the duo got off the elevator, someone stepped forward and handed Lily a white coat, cap, and shoe covers. Lily was familiar with these as she put them on swiftly and did the necessary disinfection.

Lily still had some doubts. Was Jenny letting her participate in the experiment?

Since Jenny told her not to ask, she did not ask. She just followed along and did as Jenny said.

Due to the nature of a perfumer‘s job, the soap they used to disinfect themselves should not have fragrances, so it would not affect a perfumer‘s judgment of the raw materials‘ smells.

Although perfumers did not need to be too thorough with disinfecting themselves, it was still an essential requirement.

However, when Lily followed Jenny into the lab, she realized it was not what she thought. To be precise, it was not a laboratory.

At least, it was not the kind of lab Lily had grown accustomed to working in when she made perfumes.

It smelled horrible as a strange stench wafted throughout the whole room. Lily almost threw up! She resisted the tumbling in her stomach when she glanced at Jenny.

She noticed Jenny did not react to the smell as she looked back at Lily with a grim expression. “Ms. Gray, is this my second test?” Lily guessed it somehow. “Why? Are you afraid?” Jenny asked.

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