Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 72

It was just a small gesture, but Alexander caught it. He quickly pressed the button to raise the car‘s partition that separated the driver and the back seat. Without waiting for Lily‘s consent, he picked up her injured foot and placed it on his lap. With the interior light on, he could see that Lily‘s ankle was red and swollen.

Alexander frowned at the sight and asked, “Why are you so easily injured?”

“How would I know?” Lily replied in a low voice.

It was as though she was fragile when all she had was a sprain. Alexander was the one who caused this, or more accurately, the way Edward drove the car.

“Your bones are fine. You just need to apply some cream on it after we‘re back. Reduce walking for a few days.” Alexander made his conclusion after checking her foot.

“You know how to check for injuries?” Lily was surprised.

“Checking on simple bruises and sprains is not hard.” Alexander raised his head to look at her, and his frown deepened.

“Your body…” Alexander said hesitantly after taking a whiff.

Although he did not finish the sentence, the look on his face was obvious.

“Me?” Lily was stunned for a moment as she looked at herself before asking, “Oh, do you mean the scent on my body?

“…” Alexander did not reply.

“I was doing some experiments in the lab, and the smell got on me.” Lily wrapped her clothes closer to herself, but there was nothing she could do about it. This kind of odor adhered easily and was difficult to get rid of. She still had it on her, despite having washed her hands repeatedly.

Lily had gotten used to it after smelling it for so long, but as expected, others could still smell it on her. It made sense that Edward looked at her hesitantly when she got in the car, but he said nothing “Lab?” A surprised look flashed across Alexander‘s eyes, and he asked, “If I‘m not wrong, you‘re supposed to make nice–smelling perfumes, right?” Lily almost laughed out loud, seeing his expression. His face seemed to ask, “Are you playing me?”

“Yes, I‘m supposed to be making nice perfumes! However, there are thousands of various complex ingredients available. Even a peculiar smelling one can be analyzed and differentiated. My task was to do so on forty–eight different components of a particular mix. This will be helpful in the future.”

Making perfumes may seem simple, but it‘s not. It‘s a lot more complicated, needing a wide range of chemistry expertise. One could not persist in this field without deep interest.

“…” After a while, Alexander kept silent.

Lily assumed he was silent because he could not stand the smell, so she stopped explaining

Instead, she moved further away and rolled down the window to let fresh air in. It was a little embarrassing

Lily had not expected him to come pick her up from work, so she could not get rid of the foul odor in time. Which was why they were currently in the embarrassing predicament.

Suddenly, Lily felt a hand on her shoulder. Before she could turn around, she was pulled into a warm embrace.

“Why did you sit so far away? Were you afraid I would eat you up?” Alexander said in dissatisfaction as he hugged her tighter. “I‘m afraid I would stink you up, too.”

“It doesn‘t stink!” He got close to her hair and took a deep breath to make his words more believable. “This smells so…cough…cough….”

Alexander still choked at the smell and coughed several times. His bodily reaction betrayed his words.

“I–I’ll shower once we get home.”

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