Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 74

“Yeah I set that target for myself.”

“Are you crazy?” Alexander loosened his hands on the towel, causing it to fall from Lily‘s shoulders to the couch.

As this matter was unusual, he had gotten Edward to talk to George According to George, they were researching new products while experimenting with suppressing odor with fragrances.

The plan was to get results within ten days, and three people were in charge of the experiment. However, Lily was not part of the trio. George was also surprised and promised to check on the matter immediately.

However, Lily told Alexander that she would get the data within one day and that she was the one who set the target. He could only think that she was crazy when she made the promise

Lily did not understand why Alexander was reacting this way. Looking up, she said, “I‘m not crazy. It‘s not that difficult.”

What she said rendered Alexander speechless. He did not know whether he should tell her that she was being overconfident or arrogant.

The company distributed tasks systematically, so it would not stress the employees out too much, but it would also not be too easy for them.

Since the management team gave the team ten days to complete the task, they had determined that the task needed that long to be completed flawlessly.

“That means you‘re going to that stinky place again for an entire day tomorrow?” Alexander asked, sucking a deep breath.

‘Is he worried that I‘ll come back smelly again tomorrow?‘ Lily thought for a moment, then said, “Don‘t worry. I‘ll bring the essential oil and fragrance over tomorrow. I‘ll come back after cleaning myself up there.”

“That place is far from the city, and you need to work for long hours.

Don‘t go tomorrow.” For the first time, Alexander felt that the company had made a stupid decision to build the labs that far away.

It was difficult to call for cabs after working hours, and Lily sprained her leg there.

“Why do they need to work till 8 p.m.? The working hours are too long!‘ Alexander thought.

“L…” Lily wanted to refute, but she noticed Alexander‘s solemn expression. He seemed upset, and she suddenly realized that this was his way of caring about her. Warmth filled her heart up, but she found it funny too.

She stood up from the couch before kneeling on one knee. As she was leaning forward, Alexander could only stretch his hands out to hug Lily to prevent her from falling

“Dear boss, you were the one who set the working location and hours.

Why are you getting upset about it now? Everyone else works this way, so why can‘t I do the same? Plus, the working hours aren‘t that long.

I could have left at 6 p.m., but I was so focused on the experiment that I forgot the time. How about this? I promise to finish my work quickly and return earlier, okay?”

Alexander knitted his brows tightly together, obviously still disapproving of Lily‘s plan.

“This side of Alex is so adorable!‘ Lily chuckled and leaned in to kiss both sides of Alexander‘s cheeks. Then she held his face, leaving feather-like kisses on the tip of his nose and his lips.“

Pretty please! It will end tomorrow anyway. You promised to let me work freely.”

Alexander, who was sullen initially, succumbed to Lily‘s coquettish coaxing. He was helpless when she was like this. After heaving a sigh, he held her head and pressed their lips together harshly. Alexander would always give in to her in the end!

At 11.30 p.m., a call from the factory woke Nathaniel. He was displeased that his sleep was interrupted, but the words he soon heard displeased him even more.

“What? Repeat that!” As his voice was too loud, Melanie also awoke from her sleep. Rubbing her eyes, she sat up.” What happened? How am I supposed to sleep when you‘re so loud?”

Nathaniel pushed her to the side and got out of bed, roaring, “Can‘t you restock when you run out of ingredients? What‘s the Purchasing Department doing? Look for a supplier.

Can‘t you guys do that?” “Mr. Hall, but the ingredient is… the essential oil from the lab.”

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