Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 76

Melanie cleared her throat and rephrased herself, “I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the formula, so it’s not my problem either.”

Then she turned to look at the factory’s manager. “We produce everything in the lab strictly according to the formula If there were something wrong with the formula, we would have discovered it long ago. It must be the factory’s problem. Have you checked all the other

nts? Have you checked if your workers made a mistake? Don’t just think about pushing the blame on others whenever there’s a problem here.” “Ms. Thayer, be careful with your words.

What do you mean we‘re pushing the blame? We are merely reporting the problem to Mr. Hall soon after discovering it We just want to find out why, and after checking earlier, we think the problem lies within the essential oil lí you disagree, help us find the root of the problem, as you are a professional in this field It will help us start manufacturing the products as soon as possible.”

His words riled Melanie up right away. “Help you find the root of the problem? Do you think I have a lot of free time on my hands? Why are you trying to burden me with your problems?

That‘s your job! I‘m telling you there‘s nothing wrong with whatever the lab produced You need to figure out a way to solve this problem!” She was harsh, and that angered the factory‘s manager.

He then looked at Nathaniel and said, Mr. Hall, what is your take on this? We have many orders, and the workers have to rush to complete their tasks day and night.

If we don‘t solve this issue soon, we won‘t be able to complete our orders on time.”

“Oh? I guess you were trying to blame us earlier because your side couldn‘t complete the orders on time. What do you think you‘re doing? Your workers were careless in their work, and you wanted to blame the lab for this.

I think you—“


Nathaniel roared suddenly, stunning Melanie, and it made her stop talking “What‘s the point of arguing whose fault it is right now?”

Tensely, he stuffed a bottle of essential oil into Melanie‘s hand. “Ms. Thayer, bring this back to the lab and check it carefully Find out if there‘s anything wrong with it!”


Melanie wanted to speak, but Nathaniel had already turned to the factory‘s manager. “You did the right thing. We should solve the problem as soon as we discover it, but you should not put all the blame on the essential oil.

Check thoroughly on your end and see if there are any remaining essential oils from past batches. If you find any, send a bottle of it to the lab immediately, and we‘ll recheck the oil.”

At this point, the manager could only nod. “Okay then. Mr. Hall, we must be quick to act. Otherwise, it‘ll delay the completion time.”

“I got it. Thanks for the great work!” Nathaniel patted the manager‘s shoulders before pulling Melanie, who stood frozen on her spot, to leave.

In the car, Melanie mumbled as she stared at the bottle in her hand, “Why did you ask me to check this? What‘s there to check? I‘m sure the factory is the one with the problem.” “You‘re sure the lab is doing fine?” Nathaniel asked while driving

“Of course. This isn‘t a new product, but one we‘ve produced for a long time. I mixed the oil according to the formula, so how could there be a problem on my side? Unless…” Melanie trailed off before she said again, her voice suddenly raised in pitch, “There‘s something wrong with the formula!”

The car came to a screeching halt before Nathaniel turned to look at her.

The inertia pushed Melanie forward, but the safety belt managed to pull her back. Holding the bottle of essential oil in her hand tightly, she took a whiff.

Frowning, she said, “Nate, did we… get tricked?”

Nathaniel just squeezed his lips into a thin line and said nothing “Lily left the formula behind. Do you think she changed certain things in the formula?

I wondered why she‘d been staying low recently and didn‘t even bother to explain herself. It seems like she had this trap set up for us!” Nathaniel stepped on the pedal again. “Let‘s head to the lab first.”

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