Spoiled by Mr. Russell Chapter 99

Lily accepted the documents in confusion and saw an insurance endorsement after opening it. It was insurance for her nose with herself as the beneficiary. As for the amount, she could only say it was a considerable sum. She looked at Alexander with surprise and said, “Isn‘t this a bit much?”

“Is it? I don‘t think so. Considering how vital a nose is to perfumers, I feel this is necessary, don‘t you think?” Alexander asked Lily in return. Indeed, a perfumer‘s most essential tool was their nose. After all, talent often outweighed hard work in this field.

A perfumer with a nose that could distinguish hundreds of different scents was often guaranteed success. However, only a few top perfumers were willing to spend a lot of money to insure their noses. Still, Lily thought she was a nobody, so was it honestly necessary to spend money on insuring her nose?

“Everything about you is necessary to me.” Alexander stood up and handed Lily a pen. “Sign the paper. It will take effect immediately.”

Lily looked at Alexander and then at the document in her hand. She felt touched and moved by everything that he had done for her. “Thank you.” Lily signed the papers and put them back.

“There is no need for the word ‘thanks‘ between you and me. Instead, shouldn‘t you repay me more practically?”

Lily tiptoed a little to wrap her arms around Alexander‘s neck and kissed him enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Melanie adjusted her sunglasses and impatiently said to Nathaniel, “You still haven‘t told me who we‘re waiting for, Nate!”

She followed Nathaniel to the airport after dressing up with new clothes and makeup. However, she only knew they were there to pick someone up, but Nathaniel did not tell her who they were. Melanie started getting impatient after waiting for so long.

“We‘re waiting for someone highly influential. Have some patience, will you?” Although Nathaniel was comforting Melanie, he was not very sure about this. After all, he had never officially met the influential person. He had only seen the person in photos and had some impression of him.

It would be a problem if Nathaniel missed or could not recognize the person. He wanted to call and confirm the meeting, but the line was busy. Despite feeling anxious, Nathaniel did not show it. He was helpless against Lily now. She was completely different from before.

Lily became stubborn and refused to listen to Nathaniel, and Olivia was the same. Although Nathaniel was unsure if Olivia knew of the situation‘s specifics, she was going against him and made it clear that she was just killing time and waiting for Nathaniel to fire her.

Nathaniel found this infuriating and thought Olivia had likely learned these things from Lily. It was also possible that Lily instigated Olivia to do these things.

Nathaniel looked around the airport as his thoughts ran rampant. Suddenly, he saw a tall and thin foreigner wearing gold rimmed glasses.

Nathaniel thought the person looked highly familiar at first glance, so he immediately took

his phone to look at the photos for comparison. He confirmed his guesses after checking several times. By then, the person had almost left the airport.

“That‘s him!” Nathaniel nodded with certainty.

“Who is it?!” Melanie was pulled along by Nathaniel before she could adequately react. “Mr. Moreau! Wait up, Mr. Moreau!” Nathaniel shouted while running.

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