Star: Is KS Bloom a cantor or a Christian singer artist?

Casimir Kouassi, committed actor of Christian music in Côte d’Ivoire held a relevant reflection at his subject this day via his Facebook account. A trained journalist, promoter of the Éclat de Gloire vision for enhancing and restoring the sanctity of worship and Christian music, commends KS Bloom for his integrity and professionalism.

KS Bloom is honest and sincere. And I appreciate. In fact, KS Bloom on Ivorian television reaffirmed this: “I am not a cantor”. He is well-educated and well-informed about the nature and function of the Cantor’s vocation, which differs in many points from that of the singer-artist of Christian inspiration.

He is well aware of his call through the musical art he practices. It is not a call to the vocation of cantor. KS Bloom is, for me, today, the symbol of the difference between the Vocation of Cantor and that of the Christian singer artist.

You can be invested with a divine mission whose music becomes the means or the channel of its exercise. But that does not make you a de facto Cantor of the Eternal. Indeed, it is not enough to sing texts of Christian inspiration to obtain the title of Cantor.

Like KS Bloom, we have excellent Christian singing artists, but, for vain motives and often out of ignorance, many have stifled their careers by bearing the title of cantor or passing themselves off as Cantors, without, however, operating in the wild. nor in the function of Cantor of the Eternal. And yet, it was enough of one

a little more sincerity and honesty towards oneself, towards God and towards others to take full advantage of their talent while respecting the sacred values ​​of the Christian Faith.

You cannot exercise as a Christian singer-songwriter for evangelism or edification and be wrongly called a cantor of the Lord. You can’t use priestly armor to make it a commercial instrument and hope to evolve under the blessing of the Eternal.

that Each knows his place and does according to the talent or the call he has received. The Spirit of God is a spirit of order. The church needs all the gifts and talents in their diversity and especially in discipline, knowledge and respect for the sacred principles of the Christian faith in view of the all-out manifestation of the reign of Jesus Christ.

May God bless the mission and musical career of KS Bloom. May the spirit of intelligence and wisdom, the spirit of strength and counsel, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of God be his share, for his personal growth and for the qualitative growth of the mission of which he is invested, far from worldly frills, which can distract the people of God for the benefit of a masked pleasure of the world (darkness).

The artist is in concert these 8 and 10 April to Sofitel and at the Ivory Golf Club. On stage, he will be accompanied by fellow Christian artists and singers.

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