Strange job interview questions and why the recruiters ask them

Interviews often cause clammy hands or armpit ponds anyway. Usually, such a conversation is not too bad, but some recruiters turn it into a sport to ask questions that can upset you.

From traditional demand to something more difficult

A job interview is not always limited to classics such as: “Name 3 good qualities of yourself” or “Why do you want to work here?” Sometimes recruiters sometimes ask a more unusual question, such as “Sell yourself in 10 seconds” or “What animal would you like to be?” Remember that with such questions it is always the intention to find out something about your personality and how you behave in an unexpected situation. Remember that you do not have to answer all too personal questions (regarding relationship status or wish to have children).

You drive around with a convertible….

And then there are recruiters who really turn it in to a sport to come up with very remarkable or special questions for applicants.

For example, they already asked Procter & Gamble: “How many stairs does the Millennium Tower have?” With these types of questions, they gauge your analytical or reasoning skills. It does not matter whether you know the correct answer, but rather that you reason out loud to calculate it (how many floors would the Millennium Tower be x how many stairs are there usually to a floor higher).

Other questions then serve to check how out of the box you can think and how creative you are. For example, an applicant at company A was asked to sign a pine tree. Moments later they asked him to draw another, but then a completely different one. Strange, yes.

The scenarios are also popular. Another example from Procter & Gamble: “You drive around in a convertible and you still have room for one person. You pass a bus shelter and there is your best friend, an old woman who just became unwell and the woman or man of your life (you don’t know her/him yet but she/he is handsome, intelligent, sporty, etc). Who do you take with you? ”Whatever you answer, it will say something about your character or personality.

Finally, recruiters sometimes just want to upset you. They are curious about your response. For example, a girl was once asked: “What is your favorite sex position?” It sounds strange!

Some bizarre job interview questions:

Amadi: “Tell a joke.”

Ola: “I will give you 10,000 table tennis balls. What are you going to do with it?”

Mark: “What was your most embarrassing moment?”

Nike: “What would you invest 10 million in and why?”

Rony: “What is the best book you’ve ever read?”

Emeka: “How would you convince us to put half a million dollars into a specific social goal?”

Tip: With proper preparation, you can handle any job interview

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