Sudan/ General Burhane will expel the UN representative, if…

The head of the Sudanese junta, General Burhane reframes the special representative of the United Nations in his country. According to General Burhane, this international civil servant goes beyond the guidelines of his mission in the country. He threatens to kick him out on the next outing. The UN representative in Sudan, Volker Perthes predicted a decline in the country in the coming months…

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane has threatened to expel the permanent UN envoy for his uncontrolled speeches on Sudan. Volker Perthes who must “end his blatant interference in our affairs, which could lead to his expulsion from the country”said General Burhane, in a statement read on Sudanese national television.

The UN representative had alerted the Security Council to a “economic and security collapse” Sudan, if the junta continues to stay in power. For him, only the return to a civil transition could reverse the course of things. In addition, Volker Perthes is alarmed at the disintegration of Sudanese society at the level of basic rights. He points the finger at crime, the arrests of opponents and activists.

These are all criticisms that anger the Sudanese authorities. According to General Burhane, these are unfounded criticisms. Khartoum even accuses the UN and its representative of not ensuring the principle of neutrality which guides their mission. It’s a casus belli for him. Also, he threatened to send Volker Perthes home, if he persists on this path. This is not the first time that UN representatives have been expelled from Sudan.

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