Taming Darkness Chapter 27

He recovered his shock during my tirade, and he stepped closer, puffing his chest out. Did he think I was afraid of him?

I continued on, unwilling to let him think he’d won. “It’s a shame how you lost everything you had and blindly went after the wrong person. You made every wrong decision you could have possibly made. And for what? For a lie, someone told you, one you were stupid enough to believe to be the truth? You killed your wife and mate for choices she made protecting you! Something she was forced to do to keep your miserable a*ss alive!”

The smug look faded and was soon replaced by anger. He banged his fists against the door and screamed at me. “You don’t know what you’re talking about! She betrayed me! That woman was a wh0re who led me to believe he was my son! She tricked me, and had me raising a bastard! A result of her infidelity, a constant reminder that the one woman I loved more than my life, chose to betray me!” he roared every word, like screaming them out would make me understand he wasn’t the bad guy in this situation, that he was just some innocent soul.

Fat f***king chance of that. His words did nothing but set off a geyser of fiery rage inside me. How dare he! His wife did not deserve the death she received at his hands. Lycus was a boy, and the things he had done to him, for protecting his mother, would forever haunt my memories as if they were my own.

“She was never a wh*re by choice! She had to make a decision to save your worthless life! Don’t believe me, look for yourself!” I raised my voice. “What you were shown was wrong!”

Porter scoffs and shakes his head, but pauses, his head tilting to the side. Curiosity flickered in his eyes and his certainty faded. Was he wondering if he killed the woman he loved unjustifiably? She was guilty of what he said, but her reasoning for it should have mattered, it didn’t warrant her death. “How?” he asks, his voice is almost quiet, stripped of its earlier triumph. “How are you going to prove to me she was innocent?”

“Open the door,” I challenged, sitting up and facing him. “I’ll show you, or are you too scared of the truth, Porter?”

He licked his l!ps, eyes darting down in each direction of the long hallway, before pulling a swipe card from his pocket. He wasted no time in forcing his way inside and cell, and no longer hid behind the protective barrier the glass had provided for him.

Porter stumbled to the foot of the metal gurney, and I nodded to the straps tying me down still. They had gotten twisted when I flipped over and were digging into my skin.” Loosen this, so I can show you,” I ordered. This would be the hardest part, would his desire to know the truth be enough to take this risk?

His eyes darted to the door again and his back straightened. He moved towards the top of the metal table and completely undid my restraints. “You’re still in this cell, but show me

He had to see the pieces of his story for himself to truly accept what had happened. I forced a cast on him, my eyes not leaving his. His face twisted as a dozen different emotions played across it. I tried my best to ignore the memories I was showing him, trying to look through the cast and focus outside. Watching once was bad enough, especially to

know my mother and father also had a hand in her torment. Porter’s hands trembled, and he jerked his head side to side, trying to see the different angles of the cast he was trapped in.

I’ll admit I was tempted to lock him in it, let the truth play before his eyes over and over again until it was seared into his mind. Then again, I couldn’t risk him screaming and alerting the rest of them to my magic, I couldn’t afford that risk this early.

Porter gasped, stumbling back from me. His l!ps part and he shakes his head, his eyes wild. “No!” he growled. “You promised to show me the truth!” I dropped the cast.” You’re lying,” he accused through gritted teeth. “You are trying to manipulate me into believing she did all that for me. No, this isn’t the truth!” His aura ripples violently, yet the edges flicker oddly, I had trouble reading that emotion within his aura, I was still learning them, and only knew what certain color meant, being the population was mostly dark Fae it was mostly black, like lightning certain flickers of color emerge but mostly just tinging the darkness with their aura.

I shook my head at his denial. Although, I shouldn’t be surprised. Not many could accept the truth and to do so he would have to face the horrors he’d done in his life, the relationships he’s severed, in service of the lie he’d been believing. “Ask my mother, she knows the truth. You murdered your wife for a life, and treated her son as worse than trash because she loved you and was willing to sacrifice everything. She loved you enough to be turned into a wh*re to stop them from killing you.”

Horror played across his face, vivid and visceral. He stared at me, breathing heavily, and he opened his mouth to reply to me, before he does, he starts shaking his head and turning on his heel and rushing out of my cell. He locked the door behind him, staring in at me with a tortured look on his face, before he st*ggered down the hallway, shaking his head in denial with every step.

What a waste of the power I had used. He straightened again, his face hardening, and turned around, not toward my cell, but storming off in the direction my mother had left in earlier. Clearly my words got under his skin, because if he thought what I showed him was a lie he wouldn’t be going to hunt her down, No now he was now doubting his actions.

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