Taming Darkness Chapter 30

What in the hell was going on? Was this her dream? How had I managed to get sucked into it, and why didn’t it just dump me at her feet from the start? Why force me to go through the mist to get to my prize?

I stepped closer, moving towards her side, when I came to an abrupt halt as I walked into something solid. I couldn’t see what it was, it had to be invisible, like unbreakable glass or a transparent force field, but whatever it was, it felt solid. I pounded my fist into it, trying to get her to notice me. Not only that, but I screamed as loud as I could, but she never looked up.

“Aleera!” I shouted her name at the invisible obstacle, but the result was still the same. She kept moving along, focused on her own worries. She was so determined, it moved my heart. She wasn’t afraid of whatever was going on, but then why was I here if I couldn’t reach her or even talk to her? There had to be a reason for me to be here other than just being an observing phantom. There had to be something more.

I stared hard at her, focusing with all my might. Wait. That… wasn’t possible. I rubbed my eyes and stared hard. I could just barely make it out, but it was there for sure. Hope, happiness, and peace slammed into me, one emotion after the other until I was a trembling mess. I rubbed my eyes again, staring one last time – it was still there.

My eyes were seeing double, not one, but two separate auras.

My heart thundered against my rib cage, and my breath hitched. I didn’t care about getting through to her anymore. I knew exactly what this meant. A goofy smile spread across my lips as I continued to watch her.

I needed to get back to the others and let them know, reveal everything I’d discovered. That would be the best strategy. The only issue was I couldn’t just wake up until she did. I was a prisoner in her dream until that point, but I couldn’t focus on anything but those auras and the way they stuck together and played with each other.

An odd hot feeling spread throughout my chest. I never dreamed I would get to see anything so truly beautiful in my entire life. No, it was more like I never thought a date like this would ever come, period.

I focused only on her until everything around me shifted again. Unlike the strange way I’d been sucked into Aleera’s dream, I was tossed out with a crazy amount of force that made me jolt upright and suck in a breath like I’d been woken from the dead.

I nearly slammed my forehead into Darius. Him, Lycus, and Tobias were arranged in a circle, watching me. Worry was written all over their faces, but all I could do was grin at them like a bloody idiot.

“What’s wrong, Kalen?” Lycus knelt in front of me and placed his hand on my forehead. “Are you hurt? Sick?”! I found it hard to form words, I was far too excited for my own good. I was buzzing like I’d downed three to four bottles of moonshine. Darius and Tobias knelt beside Lycus, everyone reaching for me and trying to figure out what was wrong.

I didn’t give thought a chance and threw my arms around everyone, reacting on instinct, and pulled them into a massive hug. “I was in her dream,” I sobbed against Darius’ shirt. “I saw Aleera. She’s “‘ I squeezed them all tight as tears slipped down my cheeks. I was just so happy, I couldn’t stop them. However, my tears had alerted my mate, and fear and fury started to take them over. “I saw her. She’s pregnant,” I gasped. The rage and worry that had been building vanished in a second. “Aleera is pregnant!”

Who cares if I acted like a child over this. All I could do was cry and let the happiness I so rarely got to feel, take me over completely. My mates were frozen in place, the news slowly sinking in. To me, it didn’t matter. I just wanted to be happy about the news of our mate and our new baby! We were going to be parents! Until it slowly sunk in deeper. Aleera is pregnant and not only was she in danger but so are our children.


It had to be just a dream, but it had felt so real. I didn’t know how it happened, but I could see them. My mates were embracing each other, and Kalen’s words echoed through my head as happiness flamed alight inside me. A tear slid down my cheek, and I brought my hand to my still flat belly.

“Could it be? I’m pregnant?” The question was but a whisper on my lips, and I smiled weakly at the thought, before grinning and staring down where one day a bump would form.

I allowed myself a pure moment of joy before reality crashed back down, and I came to my senses. I jerked my hand away as if my stomach had burned me. There was no way in hell I could let my mother find this out.

This changed things. My plans to try to take her down from the inside weren’t going to be as slow and steady as I’d first prepared for. No, in order to protect my family I was going to fight against her, and I would free the Harmony-Fae she had held hostage for decades.

I would put an end to this, an end to her. Lidia want to prepare because soon she would meet something far darker than herself. For when I come for her, she’ll meet darkness incarnate. And unlike my mates, the Darkness inside me won’t be tamed.

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