Tech firm launches new app to disrupt delivery service


PackaGo, one of Nigeria’s fast-rising dynamic tech startup companies is set to revolutionize the delivery space in Nigeria and disrupt delivery systems and mechanisms.

The introduction of the PackaGo app, an app that connects drivers to businesses and people who want to send nearly anything, brings a whole new level of convenience and ease of use when delivering anything within the Lagos metropolis, with no compromises on swiftness and safety. PackaGo also undertakes local and nationwide shipping.

Speaking on the launch of the PackaGo app that is now available on Apple, Founder/CEO PackaGo, Kedinuwa Okuedei affirmed:

“The lacuna existing in the delivery space was a burning one that could no longer be ignore. In keeping with PackaGo’s core values to constantly innovate and change the way we serve, it was vital that we created systems that ensured a hitch-free delivery experience for the end-user, one that guarantees virtual delight and convenience for our customers.

Now with the PackaGo app, you can carry out multiple functions when you need to deliver anything within the Lagos metropolis all from the comfort of your phone on an app, with the provision of not just motorbikes but minivans as well as cargo vans, ensuring that we cater to a vast range of delivery options for users.

We are wholly committed to consistently disrupting the service industry especially when it comes to deliveries, ensuring that safety of packages, as well as swiftness, is achieved while furnishing these services with the utmost convenience and zero hassles for our users.

Furthermore, we create employment and income opportunities in the same breath, by partnering with vehicle owners as well as recruiting a vast number of certified drivers, hence reducing the unemployment rate as well as increasing earning power for a vast majority of Nigerians.”

PackaGo a limited liability tech company with its headquarters in Lagos was founded in 2020 and is a vibrant part of the business services sector industry.

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