The ten most frequently used application blunders

“It is not really my dream job, but I would still like to do it,” the undersigned once accidentally popped out during a job interview. Applying for a job is, fortunately, something you can learn. And you learn best from (other people’s) mistakes, right?

These are the ten most common application blunders. Don’t try them out yourself.

1. Language errors in your CV and letter

Your resume and cover letter are your first business cards to get into a company. Make sure that they are written correctly, without any language or spelling errors. Have them read again and again if necessary. Otherwise, you immediately end up in the no pile. No room for such common application blunders

2. Arriving late or too early

Arriving late never makes a good impression. But coming (far) too early can also come across as wrong or annoying. It is ideal to register five to fifteen minutes before your appointment. Then you can just go to the toilet if only to check if your hair is still good.

3. Poorly prepared

If you only half know what company you are in or what the position entails, you can already write the job on your stomach beforehand. So Google both the company and the job content in advance, and think about your motivation. This w ay you will be interested and convincing during the interview.

TIP: A well-arranged and clear CV (curriculum vitae) is an essential link in finding a suitable job.

4. An unkempt appearance or inappropriate clothing

One of the most common application blunders. By presenting you neatly and carefully, you score points anyway. It is not necessary to be overdressed, but you should keep that worn pair of sneakers for another occasion. With clean clothes and well-groomed nails and hair, you can go a long way. And of course, nobody likes unpleasant odors.

5. Try to seduce your boss or recruit

You can dress neatly and attractively, but you don’t have to seduce your future boss with it. Sexy or seductive = about it. It can even be interpreted as a way to hide superficiality or lack of intelligence.

6. Being at ease too much

No stress on a job interview, that is not necessary for anything. But do not feel too much at home now. So take that chewing gum out of your mouth before you enter the building, take your hands out of your pockets and don’t sink into your chair.

7. A wrong image on social media or the internet

Have you googled your name? If there are links or photos of you that you are not really proud of, try to remove them or have them removed. Although a potential new employer has, strictly speaking, nothing to do with your social media activities, you can be sure that it will be looked into. Everything that is public can, therefore, be better served.

8. Do not answer questions

If you do not understand a question correctly, ask to clarify it. If it is a (too) personal question to which you have difficulty or would rather not answer, then at least try to formulate something. If necessary, you say that you would rather not answer and why. You don’t have to show the back of your tongue (right away) either.

9. Bluffing or lying

Be positively realistic on the conversation: don’t bluff about things you’ve never done before or about people you say you know but actually don’t know. You can say that you think you can handle that assignment because you have experience with something similar. Lying is completely out of the question.

The ten most frequently used application blunders

10. Talking too much

Show that you are listening to your conversation partner and do not interrupt him or her. Though it is among the common application blunders. Take your time when it is your turn to speak, but finish on time. Your employer can always adjust questions if he or she wishes. Also, don’t tell too much: your future employer doesn’t care about the fact that you didn’t feel valued at all at your previous employer. Negativity is rarely appreciated. Only tell what is applicable for that future dream job.

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