Tensions with Russia: the US secretly tested a hypersonic missile

A new weapon has been tested by the United States. It is indeed a hypersonic missile whose test took place successfully, during the month of March. According to information from the British media DailyMailthe USA have decided to keep this test secret in order to avoid an escalation of tensions with the Russiawhich continues its offensive in Ukraine. The news was confirmed by the American media CNNwho specified that the test took place in mid-March, when the American head of state was to go to Europe, to discuss the Russian offensive.

The weapon has several booster engines

According to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for research and development of new technologies intended for military use, it is a concept weapon air-breathing hypersonic jet launched from a B-52 bomber. The weapon has several booster motors that push it to high speed, before the scramjet motor fires. According to DARPA, the hypersonic missile quickly reached 5 Mach.

“Airstrikes and missiles in the rest of” Ukraine

Still according to the latter, the test of the missile has achieved all its objectives. Note that the information on the test of the new missile carried out by the United States intervenes in a context of strong diplomatic tensions with Russia on the background of the situation in Ukraine. Recently, the US indicated that Russia will intensify its operations in the country. According to JakeSullivanadviser to the US President Joe Biden to national security, Russian troops are being repositioned in southern and eastern Ukraine. He also added that Russia’s new ground offensive “will likely include airstrikes and missiles in the rest of the country to cause military and economic damage, and frankly, to sow terror”.

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