” That’s enough ! “: Léa Salamé embarrassed at the mention of her companion Raphaël Glucksmann live on TV

Léa Salamé did not expect that! Saturday evening in “We are live”, the journalist was taken aback by comedian Philippe Caverivière who decided to make people laugh by evoking his companion Raphaël Glucksmann. It is very embarrassed that Laurent Ruquier’s accomplice then tried to stop him.

Next November will already take place the World Cup 2022. And it is in Qatar that the competition will be played, something that poses a real problem. Indeed, according to a recent survey, 55% of respondents are prepared not to follow the matches and 39% of them even claim that the France team, holder of the title of world champion, boycott the event. The reason ? The worrying situation of the country hosting the event. Qatar is targeted by several serious accusations, on violations of the rights of migrant workers, restrictions on freedom of expression and non-respect of human rights in general. Rather serious subjects but whose Philippe Caveriviere preferred to laugh in We are in live.

For his return to the France 2 show, the comedian was in great shape, although necessarily a little frustrated at not being able to talk politics a few hours before the first round of the presidential election. Never mind, he found inspiration with football and this famous poll calling on the Blues not to participate in the World Cup. ” We must boycott, clearly we must boycott“, agreed Philippe Caverivière before specifying always with humor: ” But only if we lose, if we win it’s stupid. In the event of a defeat at a press conference, we will say ‘in any case, we didn’t want to come, we purposely lost, we fired aside to pay tribute to the workers who died on the construction sites.’

The comedian continued his joke, which took an unexpected turn for Lea Salame. ” I am for the boycott as long as I am not invited, then if I have a place in the box, human rights I will be more flexible… You know that Caverivière in Qatari means ‘big michto. I am not Raphaël Glucksmann! he launched, referring to the fights of the companion of Léa Salamé against corruption in football.

A wink that greatly embarrassed the journalist. ” Oh no ! You do not have the right !“, she replied, laughing nervously. Philippe Caverivière nevertheless continued: “ Glucksmann which means ‘Lucky Man’… Lucky to be by your side“. ” That’s enough !“, summoned the mother of Gabriel (5 years old), somewhat helped by Laurent Ruquier. ” no politics“, recalled the host, nevertheless corrected by his comrade still as uncomfortable: “ Above all, we said ‘no privacy’“. Message this time heard by the comedian who then changed the subject.

During this program, viewers were also able to take advantage of the presence of Amir Haddad, Isabelle Boulay, JoeyStarr, Bilal El Atreby, Nicolas Gob, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, Guillaume Néry, Frédérique Tirmont, Steve Suissa, Bernard Alane. Singer Five and rapper AZ were also present.

On the audience side, We are live achieved a very good score on Saturday evening by bringing together 1.02 million viewers (17.3%). Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé have thus gained 300,000 followers in one week, which allows them to go over one million.

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