“That’s especially what’s scary”: Diana Blois (Large Families) talks about the operation of her daughter Juliette

The candidate for “Large families, life in XXL” and her husband Gérôme Blois are preparing to spend a trying day on April 8, 2022. That day, their daughter Juliette has her ears operated on. A subject that Diana mentioned on Instagram.

The big day is approaching Juliette Blois (4 and a half years old), who can be followed with the rest of his family in Large families, life in XXL (TF1). Diana and Gérôme’s daughter going to have an ear operation Friday, April 8, 2022. One day before the big moment, his mother wanted to post a long message on the subject to explain the situation.

Diana and Gérôme Blois are at the head of a blended family of 9 children. From a first union, the charming brunette had Anaïs, Clara, Mathéo, Ilona, ​​Ethan and the twins Lola and Sarah. For his part, the father of the family had Louane. And together, they expanded the family with the arrival of little Juliette almost five years ago. And the latter is about to live a special moment.

Tomorrow, the little girl will be hospitalized as Diana recalled in the caption of a photo slideshow of Juliette. After explaining that the appointment was fixed at 8 in the morning at the clinic, she said: That’s what is really scary, getting up is going to be hard. For now, the little girl is not worried and is ready for what awaits her. It must be said that Gérôme and his wife have prepared her well so that she does not stress: ” I reassured her to the max by explaining to her everything that was going to happen.

Diana Blois then recalled that Juliette was going to be asked ” small dollies “in the ears and undergo” a decrease in vegetation“.She has pouches on her eardrums that stick to the ossicles at the back to talk a little technically, hence the fact that she has poor hearing. Something we discovered a short time ago following the visit of the PMI doctor at school! (…) We are going to have a brand new Juliette. A Juliette surely grows since hearing better will help her articulate better (I’m definitely going to have to say goodbye to my BABY). (…) So yes, it’s a mild operation that goes well most of the time, but it’s still a general anesthetic and inevitably, we just can’t wait for it to be over and recover our Juliette in top form“, she continued.

While waiting to go to the clinic, Diana and Gérôme Blois have planned to make custom caps for the shower, the beach or the swimming pool. They also stocked up on chocolate ice cream to comfort her.

It was Gérôme Blois who first announced the news of the operation on March 21, explaining that following the visit of a doctor to Juliette’s school, they had made an appointment with ENT because they had been told that she had poor hearing. It was then that they learned that she was going to have to pass on the pool table. ” Regarding the pockets on the eardrum, he said that we would see if it gets better thanks to the diabolos. If this is not the case, we may consider an eardrum transplant around the age of 8/10. But we don’t talk about it right away“, had meanwhile confided Diana.

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