That’s why it’s so nice to work in a supermarket

Everyone knows that there is a shortage of nurses and technical profiles. But did you know that the store manager is also a bottleneck profession? Retailers find managers very enthusiastic, partly because the job is not 9-to-5. However, running a store is a great challenge.

As a store manager, you ensure a working environment in which your team gets to work motivated. You also have the courage to take the initiative, take specific matters and introduce them to your store. Plus, you have to be willing and able to bear a lot of responsibility.

These skills are very sought after in many sectors. Candidates who are cut out for the job often do not think of retail spontaneously. Or they are reluctant because sometimes work is also done in the evenings and at the weekend. The benefits that the work brings are often overlooked.

I will list them for you.

1. You don’t sit behind your desk day after day

Sitting is the new smoking. As a store manager, you should not be afraid of the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. You often walk around in your store. You talk a lot with customers and you help your team with various tasks. That way you know what’s going on. You then start using everything you see, hear and feel to make processes more efficient or to support team members.

2. You get an appreciation for your work

Because you are in direct contact with your customers, you build a close relationship with them. You play a role in many festive events, such as their birthdays and those of their children, family parties, holidays, etc. If you set up a campaign around, for example, Easter, you can also see with your own eyes how shoppers react to it. You will, therefore, receive many positive responses and appreciation. There are few managerial jobs in which the results of your work are so clearly visible so quickly.

2. You help other people grow

We believe that a company only grows when its people grow. Conversations with your team members are therefore an important aspect of your work as a store manager. As a manager, it is your job to help your colleagues to develop certain competencies. It brings a lot of satisfaction to see how your team evolves.

3. You learn a lot

As a store manager, you are not only a coach, you also learn a lot. “Everyone who starts with us goes through a personal training program”. But even afterward you can continue to receive additional training and you will have opportunities to grow. As a store manager you can, after a while, lead another or a completely new branch, switch to a different store formula or even take on a completely different position within the company.

4. You work in your own region

Shops are everywhere. That does not necessarily mean that you can work on two streets of your house. The location you are allowed to manage is determined in consultation with the regional manager and depends on the vacancies at that time. But they naturally take the commuting distance into account.

5. You introduce new technologies

Digital shopping lists, shopping with your smartphone… The retail is investing heavily in digital innovations at the moment. As a store manager, you can help introduce such new technologies. You are at the cradle of the stores of the future. If that is not exciting, I do not know either.

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