The 5 rules for a convincing motivation letter

Have you spotted your dream vacancy? Then don’t forget that recruiters face one motivation letter after the other every day. If you want your application to stand out, you must leave an unforgettable impression.

With the following tips, it works.

Unpack with a fact

You could open your motivation letter in a traditional way, genre: “I read on that you are looking for a seller with an affinity for garden and animals. I immediately recognized myself in the description.” You can’t really criticize that in itself, except that it is quite common. Chances are that someone will still remember your letter at the end of the day. Therefore prefer to start with an interesting fact or a striking statement. By surprisingly coming out of the corner, you automatically involve the recruiter in your story.

Example: “Nigerian families spend 1.8 million naira a year on their pets. Over the past three years, I have contributed to that impressive sales figure, as a seller in pet store X. Now I would like to come and strengthen your team.”

State why you want to work somewhere

Perhaps you happen to apply for a job at a certain company, because it is close to home, for example. But of course you do not convince a potential employer: he wants to hear what you can do for him, not vice versa. So do enough research, until you can say in concrete terms why you and the company in question are a good match. You don’t have to look far, because current events are often a good coat.

Example: “I read in the newspaper that your SME has just opened a first foreign branch in Lagos. And that while you have only been busy for a year! This shows an enormous amount of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit. Because I have a hands-on mentality myself, I felt addressed and I dived into your vacancies.”

Tell what you have already achieved

Your resume serves to list your work experience. If you want to explain more about your current job or about a certain position from the past that is very similar to the present you are applying for, you can do so in your letter of motivation. A new ‘trend’ – If you can call it that – In both your CV

and motivation letter, is that it should be less than before a list of tasks that you already carried out, or an easy-to-read argument about your personal success stories.

Example: “As a social media manager at company X, I doubled our number of followers on Facebook and Twitter in six months. I also set up an Instagram account, with which we already reached 3,000 fans after six months.”

Illustrate your good qualities

A motivation letter can be compared to a dating profile. You want to show yourself from your best side and highlight as many good qualities as possible. Only then is it tempting to fall into cliches: “I am inquisitive, helpful, social, …” Such a list of empty words mainly betrays a lack of creativity and originality. The solution? Use an anecdote to highlight your good qualities.

Example: “Is it someone’s birthday? Then I always ensure that the other colleagues work together for a treat. I believe a good team spirit is a basis for good cooperation.”

Take out self-assurance

A good opening sentence is important, but a good ending is just as important. “Hopefully I am the right candidate for this job,” is a no-go. This is how it appears that you yourself are not convinced of your abilities. Better summarize briefly and powerfully why you should get the job, and add that you would like to come by for a personal introduction.

Example: “I am convinced that with the help of my extensive knowledge of languages, my punctuality, and good humor, I am the perfect administrative assistant for your company. Of course, I would like to convince you of my enthusiasm during a personal conversation. See you soon?

Tip: Writing a good motivation letter is an art – but art that you can really learn.

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