The away goal rule matters

If the away goal rule has been canceled since this season in the Champions League and European competitions, this rule will apply during the qualifying play-offs for the 2022 World Cup in Africa.

Unlike Europe which opted for three mini-tournaments of four teams, Africa has chosen to remain faithful to the traditional format of home and away matches. The away goal rule will count well during the ten meetings between the cadors of African football.

The teams that played at home, this Friday, March 25, 2022 for the first leg, conceded as few goals as possible. The away goal will count double in case of overall equality at the end of the two duels.

Unlike Europe where the qualifiers are organized by UEFA under the aegis of Fifa, in Africa CAF takes care of it and is therefore not forced to carry out the innovations launched by the body of President Aleksander Ceferin. .

During these play-offs for the World Cup in Qatar, it is indeed the FIFA regulations on the 2022 World Cup that refer. More precisely point 10 of article 20 on the organization of qualifications.

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In the knockout format, the two teams play a first leg and a second leg and FIFA draws the team that receives first. The team having scored the greatest number of goals in the two matches is qualified for the next round, thus provide for the texts of the International Federation. If both teams score the same number of goals in both matches, away goals count double. If the number of away goals is the same or if both matches end in a scoreless draw, an extra time of two times 15 minutes will be played at the end of the second match. »

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