The Defiant Mate Chapter 17

Nathan POV

He was disappointed to hear how Jackson had handled Jay-la, Jackson was usually very diplomatic in his business dealings. He thought sending him to deal with her was a good idea, due to the man’s feelings towards her.

Not that he had yet to say anything about having feelings for her, but Nathan was sure if he didn’t have them then, once he had done, which should have made him handle her gently, not try and get her to take some responsibility for her injuries.

He had been totally disappointed and hurt by her words about him, but at least now he understood why she ran away, she believed he hated her, how she felt about him at this current moment didn’t sit well with him. Havoc was pissed off about it, but again Nathan reassured him that when they came face to face everything would work out. It would all be okay.

Havoc muttered something about mating Kora, whether she liked it or not, until she submitted to him completely. Nathan didn’t totally approve of that, but wolves would do what they wanted.

The human counterpart couldn’t always control them, and he doubted very much Havoc would be relinquishing control the minute he spotted Kora. She was his Mate and nothing was going to stop him from mating her.

It also gained him some insight. She was still unaware that his mating bond was broken, so she was indeed in for a shock when she laid eyes upon him.

Thankfully, Stephen had been there, he had handled her very well indeed. She was very susceptible to his Gamma qualities. That was good, though he had mentioned she put up quite a good bit of resistance to it. On his first use, forcing her wolf away to try and beat him at his own game, he had relented and let go. He’d just been testing her.

But, had used all of it to stop what was going to be a full-blown wolf-on-wolf fight between her and Jackson, right in earshot of three of their enemy packs.

He had even called her His Gamma, not something he should have done without permission, but she hadn’t thought anything of it, as far as Stephen could tell. Just presumed he meant it in a round about way due to the fact that he was the Pack’s Gamma though Nathan knew that was not what Stephen meant, he literally was, her Gamma and he obviously wanted her to hear it, know it maybe even sense it.

Those enemy pack members would have heard the heated discussion between the 3 of them and now they all understand she does not want to have anything to do with their pack. He had no idea of what they made of Stephen’s little fopar, he could only hope they took it the same way Jay-la did.

Hearing the oscillation from her office with he own pack Beta, they will be likely to make better offers to entice her. It was clear his most hated rival packs were the first to come out of the woods to try and win her. They were indeed trying to get to him via his children.

He could only hope they never found out she was his Mate. That Stephen hadn’t let it out of the bag and endangered her.

Stephen had advised that they leave after the meeting, so Jay-la didn’t get into it again with Jackson when coming out of her office.

They had stayed close by though, with enemy pack members right there, they would not leave her alone, and he had ordered tighter security on the triplets and her apartment building.

They had been a little on the reserved side during the video call and he knew something else had happened but they were holding it back. He knew it, asked them what it was.

lackson had literally looked guilty and not been abłe to make eye contact with him, dread had filled him almost instantly. Had he actually hurt her he’d wondered.

Stephen had sighed and muttered” I’ll tell him then, shall l”. And proceeded to inform him of Jay-la’s flirting with Jackson and his wolf, Apollo and Apollo’s reaction to her. Havoc had not liked it at all, but Nathan had burst out laughing.

He had not expected her to play that tactic, but when he thought about it, why wouldn’t she try to throw them off guard.

If she had any idea that Jackson had any kind of feelings for her, of course she would. She was a she-wolf and a very beautiful one, with mischief built into her genes. She’d always played games with them.

Hell, when he and she had been in their casual relationship she would run and hide behind Jackson to get away from him when he was stalking her playfully, looking to bed her, sometimes climbing on his back and begging him to save her from the big bad Alpha who wás trying to ra**pe her and steal her virtue, lol that had been lost long before.

Cheeky minx. Jackson had played along sometimes and ran off with her on his back. Leaving Nathan to chase after the 2 of them, very playful banter, he’d always catch them, toss her over his shoulder and run off with her towards his room, growling out in playful tones ‘your mine now little she-wolf’.

His laughter had surprised both of them. He simply explained that it was no different to her behaviour when they had been going out, running to Jackson to have him save her. She was trying to appeal to his nature to help her out.

He was not concerned at all. He actually wasn’t. He didn’t think Jackson would do anything to hurt him or enrage his beast. Let alone something that would get him kicked out of the pack or killed.

His friend might like the future Luna, but Nathan was certain the man would not act on it.
She was Hot hís destined Mate. If she was he would have claimed her long ago, hell before she had seduced her Alpha with those jewel green eyes of hers, that night when she’d been 19.

It had crossed his mind as to whether Jackson had been hoping she was his fated Mate at one point. She was one of their closest friends and it had surprised all of them that none of them had wound up Mated to her.

The day she had been presented on her 18th birthday he could recall her beauty. None of them had seen her dressed like that make-up on either. Most of the time they saw her in jeans and tee-shirts or training clothes, covered in mud, they’d all seen her na**ked.

Nothing unusual about that. She was a fierce fighting machine, as were they, and so when there had been rogue attacks, she had joined in on the fighting against them. And so they had all seen her shift and be na**ked.

Jackson had actually been wearing nice clothing. On the day of her 18th birthday, he recalled dark blue slacks and a pale blue short-sleeved dress shirt, though he had still been leaned back casually against the wall next to his parents-table, looking bored as usual, playing it cool, Nathan had wondered then if it was due to wanting to be her Mate. she had looked very uncomfortable that day, being presented as all pack members were at 18 to see if their fated Mate was within the pack.

Actually, she hadn’t looked around at all simply stood next to Alpha Blaine and stared directly ahead into the forest, not searching the crowd as many id looking for the one they were hoping to be their Mate, praying to the goddess that they too would be looking at them.

Nope not his Jay-la, stubborn always. Defiant even to the Goddess, it seemed. Well, she had a fated Mate now, she just didn’t know it yet. But would soon enough. He had to find a way to get her to willingly come home to the Pack.

Or into the state where his pack was or he was going to have to breach the human restrictions placed on him where she was concerned, and he was truly trying to abide by them so she could see he respected her.

This was the only reason he had stayed put. He wanted her to come to him on her own terms. He was hoping the mediation would work, but no, she had stubbornly refused it.

The next thing Jackson had relayed to him had shocked him but also was going to go in his favour, or at least he hoped so. He was now patiently waiting for the outcome. And they had snapped a few shots of her coming and going from the office.

She looked stunning in her s**xy little skirt though he was still unhappy about her wearing it where all eyes were on her, especially while she was entertaining offers from his enemy packs. He was going to have to have a serious talk to her about her dress code when she came hope.

S**xy for him was one thing, but in front of the whole pack, hell no.

He had also received new pictures of the triplets at their school. His son was very protective of his sisters, just like a good Alpha, though he was a little concerned about the anger he displayed when anyone hurt one of the girls, even accidentally. His men watching the triplets had reported that one of the twins had been bumped into by another child running past playing with other children and fallen off her seat.

His boy had picked her up off the ground, made sure she was alright and then ran after the children and shoved them over quite violently and yelled at them to watch what the heck they were doing or he’d beat them up.

Apparently, the twins hadn’t reacted much to it, just watched him, probably normal behaviour that they always saw, coming to their defence, but it would have to be curbed. Did Jay-la even know about it? He wondered, and if so, did she discuss it with him and try to discourage it.

In a pack school, you could expect it from a male Alpha child that had a twin sister or brother even, which ever was the more dominant would become the protector and display such behaviour, but in the human world he didn’t think it would be acceptable.

He could have Jackson or Stephen bring it up with her later this week and see how she was handling it. Though how she would take him, trying to give parental advice, when he’d never had anything to do with them, when she had raised them all by herself, was another matter.

Was he overstepping his bounds in this matter? Was it too early?’ No. Havoc stated ‘Ours.’ Yes, they were his, but he’d never even known about them and if the rolls were reversed would he want someone who he thought hated him giving parental advice, he doubted it very much. Even if it was out of Concern, it would be like an intrusion. He was in 2 minds about interfering at this point, but he was weríed about the boys’ aggression, did he have Havoc’s temper. Nathan felt Havoc snort?

‘Ain’t nothing wrong with me.’

‘No, let’s just go around ripping heads off at will buddy’

‘Only one time,’ he snarled right back ‘hmm and the ripping and tearing and killing of things when you’re mad.’

‘Normal l’m the alpha wolf.’ Nathan shook his head, there was no reasoning with his wolf. He hadn’t always been destructive, yes aggressive and forceful, but that was normal for an Alpha wolf.

His sudden change of temperament had come from a betrayal that had hurt him so badly he had not known how to cope with it.

That thought made him wonder just how Kora felt, if she was too an angry wolf at this point, and what would it take to subdue her if that was the case. She would have been just as hurt as Jala that dáy, though he was certain now Kera had reacted to protect her pups.

He had no idea if Jay-la had known about them at the time. She would have told him he was certain of it, they had been in bed together enjoying each other very much, they very day before he had met Sophia. So he could only presume Kora had just figured it out but had yet to tell Jay-la.

He called Jackson and asked him to bring it up with her. Jackson was quiet on the subject but didn’t decline altogether, so Nathan told him if he was uncomfortable to have Stephen do it, but it had to be done before the boy actually hurt someone. He also requested a copy of their birth certificates so he could get them enrolled into the Pack School here right away.

He had yet to tell his pack about Jay-la or his pups, but he knew some had figured it out, mostly the ones that worked in the human world and had seen his press conference, though none of them had come to him or passed it around the pack, they all knew better than to piss off his wolf. Who had a very short fuse and an explosive temper.

When he half-shifted, the place wreaked fear. On the bright side, that he could half shift and maintain it was currently keeping the attacks on his Pack to a minimum. It seemed even his enemies had become weary of him.

He hoped Jay-la and Kora wouldn’t get to see it any time soon. He didn’t need either of them anymore, afraid of them than they already were.

Havoc snorted ‘just makes us look stronger.’

‘Is that what you think?’

‘Kora will like it.’ Havoc rumbled ‘wolves like strong mates all the better to protect them, huh.’

Nathan smiled at Havoc’s thought process. He really believed Kora was going to love him no matter what, that she would have no problem with his temper, dominant behaviour, halt-shifting ability, or reputation. He has some serious faith in his Mate.

Considering how he thought he was going to mate her, by force without permission, until she completely submitted to him, Nathan had some serious doubts that it was going to go smoothly, probably a massive wolf fight out in the woods, hopefully in the woods and not in the Alpha suite. Where everything would get destroyed.

He, on the other hand, was going to use every seductive tactic he knew, where Jay-la was concerned, he would tread carefully and make sure she was completely willing, it wasn’t like they had never been in bed before. But this time would be very different, it would have a completely different meaning to it, not just a fun romp between the sheets.

But a meaningful lifelong commitment to fun romp between the sheets. But a meaningful lifelong commitment to each other, it would also feel very different, be way more heated and both their arousal levels would be higher and their need for each other would increase at some point and the desperate need to mate furiously would take over and his dominant need to possess her utterly and completely would get the better of him, and he would just pound the living hell out of her, marking her at the height of their org**sm.

‘We’ll mark deep’ Havoc murmured.

‘We will indeed, everyone will know she is mine, ours’. Nathan agreed he would bite hard, his venom burning into her so much she would never get away from him. She would mark him back the same way he hoped.

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