The Defiant Mate Chapter 18

Jay-la POV

She was standing in front of Jordan’s desk staring at the message in her hand. It read “Winter Moon Industry CEO Austin White would like to personally discuss affiliation. Approved by your grandmother, Clara.”

Clara was her mother Vera’s mother, and she did actually reside in the Winter Moon Pack. Jay-la recalled visiting when she was little girl with her mum and brother. It was probably the only honest offer she had received so far.

Her grandmother must be worried about her, not only that she had just learned she was a great-grandmother as well. This could be the thing that saves her.”Jordan, call Mr Austin White back and make an appointment with him. If he’s not available to come here I will go to him. I’m free next weekend.” “Yes Jay-la” he nodded.

“Let me know right away and give me the number too.” She watched him write it down and took it, added it to her phone right away. Was about to walk into her office when she smelled them. She had been so involved in her thoughts that Jackson and Stephen were able to sneak up on her. Well, walk they didn’t sneak, took great pleasure in reminding her they were watching her all day every day.

Jay-la may we speak to you?” Jackson asked almost politely.

“About that? I’m expecting Eric Stanton any minute now and he won’t take kindly to the 2 of you being here, considering who you work for.”

“I really don’t care”. Jackson shrugged “I wasn’t charged or court-ordered to stay away from you. What can he do? Really!” his smile was smug.

“Add a harassment charge to Nathan’s list of crimes. For sending you.”

Jackson seemed unfazed. “It’ll all get resolved when you come home Jay-la. Which you will do.”

She looked right at him and laughed softly “Well, considering l just got a real valid offer of affiliation, I don’t see that happening.”

She felt it, anger filling the air around him, it was coming off of both of them now and she stared at them a little wide-eyed. Why were they so surprised or even angry about that they had to know it was coming sooner or later? They were aware she was entertaining offers after all.

“What Pack?” Jackson practically snarled at her, forgetting he was not in wolfen society but the human world, she guessed, Apollo was right there on the surface. She saw Jordan shrink back in his chair in an effort to get away from him. “Austin White will be calling himself to make an offer in person.

He was thinking, his mind ticking away. Did he know Alpha Austin, she wondered. Jay-la couldn’t recall much about him.

She had only been little. Jackson was frowning deeply at her and she wondered if he knew of her blood relation to the Winter Moon Pack, or if the Blood Moon Pack was aligned with her grandmother’s pack.

Breaking into her chain of thought was Jordan “Jay-la Mr White is on the line for you now, I put it through to your office, line 1.”

“Oh thank you Jordan.” she nodded to him, completely surprised that he was taking the time to personally speak with her on such short notice, and turned to walk into her office, she went to close the door only to have Jackson force it open and step right through, followed by Stephen. Whatever she thought, she had more important things to sort out than them.

She picked up the phone. “Alpha Austin, thank you so much for taking my call on such short notice.”

“My pleasure, dear Jay-la. Your grandmother was very concerned and brought your plight to my attention, and has asked me to extend an offer to you.

“Thank you, she was surprised by his straightforward and direct remark, probably very busy and needed to get to the point, to attend to other business for the day.

I was going to drop by, but seeing as you called back so quickly, let’s just get this sorted out right away, shall we. l’d like to offer you protection for you and your pups. I was more than disappointed by the treatment you received from your current Alpha. I will certainly never treat you in such a manner.”

“I’d appreciate that, truly I would,” she said in all honesty.

“Seeing as you already have a blood connection to my pack and Clara is offering her home to you and your pups. I don’t mind at all. You may come and see the Winter Moon Pack at your convenience and, if you like it, l’ll initiate you and the pups in.”

“That simple?” she was more than shocked now, and a little relief was flowing through her. Perhaps she should have just gone right to her grandmother when she had been banished, but being too distraught at the time, she hadn’t thought about it, just pushed it all down and tried to focus on her degree and then raising her pups.

“Yes. I will not try to sway you, as l’m sure others are doing at this moment. I will also never hurt you or your pups. That is not what I am about, I assure you. You will all be safe here for as long as you are here with us, protection guaranteed. We are a strong pack, 80% warriors and well respected by other packs. I am also on the Alpha council, so my word may be trusted. Think it over. It is an open invitation to come if you want to. If you choose me.”

Wow, he was very direct and Jay-la didn’t hear a single ounce of anything other than honesty in his voice. “Thank you again Alpha Austin, I will visit very soon.”

“Anytime.” he repeated, and then disconnected the line.

Jackson was staring at her practically fuming, he looked as though he was about to launch himself at her and forcibly drag her away and back to his pack. She felt Kora push forward at the threat they were feeling. Stephen was suddenly between them, a hand out stretched to each of them “Everybody calm down,” he said softly, flooding the room with his Gamma Charm.

He knew there was about to be a full-blown wolf-on-wolf fight right here in her office, in the human world, things were rapidly getting out of hand.

Right at that moment, Eric Stanton chose to open her office door and walk in. He took stock of the situation and snapped “Who the hell let you in here?” and walked towards Jay-la.

Jackson’s reaction was instant. He spun on his heel and stepped right into the man’s face, still all anger and aggression.

Apollo right there on the surface and Jay-la thought he was going to rip into him her eyes wide, “Back off.” he grated out, his Beta aura forcing Eric to actually step backwards several steps.

“This is private.”

Jay-la sighed with relief Jackson was still in control enough to realise this was not the time or place. Kora backed down. “It’s alright Eric, I’m fine. Can you please give us a few minutes?” she asked calmly.

Eric didn’t take his eyes off of Jackson, but nodded slowly “5 minutes then I am calling security.” he stated flatly, only a trace of fear he must be feeling showing in his voice. Then he left the room.

Jackson banged the door closed behind him and she watched him turn towards her. “I asked what Pack Jay-la, and I expect an answer.” he snapped all Beta aura flowing out of him.

She steeled herself against it and said “I’m not giving you one. I have the right to protect myself.”

“Yes you do.” Stephen nodded, his eyes were also on Jackson, though not on hers. He was trying to control the situation at hand, she thought, control the Beta. Unlikely, she thought. Jackson outranked him, if it was a physical fight, Gamma Beta jay-la was betting on the Beta.

Besides, she had trained with them all, she knew Jackson would win. Only Nathan could take him down.” It’s fine Jackson, she is not going anywhere today…got that dinner on Friday night and has court Monday to Wednesday. Calm down..Also, I do not think her own grandmother would mean her any harm, the offer is likely genuine.”

How did he know she had court next week?.. So they were not only watching her, they were spying and prying on her as well, not just at home but in her working life too.


Jackson seemed to regain some of his composure and Apollo receded. “Fine, then we need to discuss why we actually came today. You go ahead. If I loose it, blame the she-wolf”

Jay-la sighed, she-wolf. She had a name and he knew it.

Her eyes moved to Stephen. “What did you come for?”

“There was an incident at the triplets school. Young Nate pushed over another boy and threatened him!”

“So! He was protecting his sister’s is all.”

The school had called her, she had apologised and told them he was just a bit super sensitive due to her recent killing and attack, that he needed an adjustment period.

The school had complied and given him leeway this time but stated that it was not to happen again. She had promised them she would talk to him.

Jay-la had, had words with him, but he’d folded his arms across his chest and told her he would protect them no matter what. Such a good boy, typical alpha genes. She’d had to remind him that, due to what he was, he was naturally stronger and needed to remember he could easily hurt a human child without trying if he wasn’t careful.

Also, told him he needed to learn the difference between an accident and an on-purpose bump or running into of his sister’s. She had not chastised him, just gently reminded him one day he would be like her and Kora and have a wolf with enormous strength. That she wanted him to be careful and responsible for his actions. Not to let his anger get the better of him.

He had huffed at her and she had reminded him to breathe and count to 10 before charging off in anger, to look at the situation and determine the right course of action, think about what the outcome would be if he was to solely act on his anger.

She didn’t want him to be like his father, filled with rage and anger over the smallest of things.

“That’s it! You’re not going to do anything about it?” Stephen asked, seemingly concerned by her lack of Concern.

“What’s it to you how l deal with MY son?” she spat at him.

“The Alpha is concerned about the amount of aggression that has been reported, is all.”

“So..” her anger building “he thinks he has the right to stalk my children, does he, to tell me how to raise them. He knows nothing about them. Has no rights as far as I am concerned,” “and whose fault is that Jay-la?” Jackson snapped from where he stood, still over by the door.

“His.” she shot back. “It was him Jackson, who Alpha ordered me to leave and never, ever come back.”

“You should have told him before you left.” he stated flatly, still implying it was her faułt.

“Hmm, tell him something I didn’t know, how is that possible? I didn’t find out until after I had left the pack.” That was technically true. It might have only been minutes after she left, but still after she had left, after she had been banished.

“You still could have called and told him. Or Alpha Blaine at least.”

“Oh could l and what would the then future Luna have done to me, to my pups?”

She watched as he ran his hand through his hair but said nothing. She knew she was right. Sophia would not have been happy about it or supported it, she and the pups would have been in danger.

“Your Luna would never have accepted them and I would have been in danger every day of her knowing. I did what I did for their very safety. And I will continue to protect them from your Alpha and Luna. Even if it means changing packs.”

“Jay-la look.” His voice softened.

“Enough.” Stephen interrupted, glaring at Jackson.

That was a bit odd. She thought, especially when Jackson actually stopped talking, taking an order from the Gamma.

Stephen turned to her, “Do you need a hand with the triplets Jay-la? Is Nate too much to handle? That is all we need to know.

“No, he is fine and I did talk to him. He’s just protective of his sisters is all, even more now, since I was kidnapped and…” she left the statement unsaid.

“Right. If you need a hand just call one of us, okay, we’d be happy to help you out.” he held out a pack card with all their details on it.

She took it but knew she would not be using it, just a courtesy to make them leave peacefully, shrugged as if to say whatever and dropped it on her desk.

Stephen turned to Jackson, “Let’s go, we came and did what was asked.”

Jackson was still frowning but nodded. “Iwant to know when you intend to visit Alpha Austin’s pack Jay-la, a protective detail will be organised so no harm will come to you or your pups.”

I don’t want your protection,” she replied firmly. “Tough,” he stated and walked out of her office.

Stephen nodded to her,” Please consider it Jay-la, every time you’re not with them they are at risk, even if it is small.”

Then he was gone, out of her office as well. Well, whose fault was that, who put them in the spotlight for all of wolfen society to see. Not her, that was for sure. She had kept them safe and sound and out of wolfen society for their entire lives. His high an almighty. I’m all powerful, I can do as I please. Your Apha, that was who. So do not blame us for that, ass-holés. she thought, annoyed.

Eric walked in the minute they walked out. “what were they doing here? I’m not wrong, they were two of the men at his press conference, right!” he sounded very annoyed with her.

“Yes, there are his men, his right and left hands respectively. They are here on his request to check up on the triplets, now that he knows about them.”

“Why all the yelling?”

“It’s normal, they work for him. Why would l be nice to them?” she shrugged.

“Jay-la, what is going on? It looks like you’ve been communicating with Mr Browning without your lawyers present. Have you?”

“No! He did try to yell at me over the phone, so l hung up. His men are here trying to convince me to do the mediation and keep an eye on his children. As far as I know, there is no actual threat at this point.”

“ls that what they are telling you? If they are here watching your children, that is a problem.”

‘I Grew up with both of those men that were just here. They were once my best friends. I don’t believe either one of them would hurt me or my children, just watching is all.”

That is called stalking Jay-la and you know it. I can have them arrested and charged.”

Jay-la sighed, this was the very reason she didn’t want them here when Eric turned up to check on her. “Perhaps it’s better to just let them be for the time being. Placate him by letting him think he is getting what he wants… I will need to go away next weekend. Eric to visit my grandmother, she caught wind of all that is going on and is worried about me. She is with the Winter Moon industry’s”

That got his attention. “Does everyone you know?” Jay-la cut him off. “Yes everyone I know, from my past works or lives within the confines of some of the biggest corporations” she sighed, it was getting too close to the truth, and before you ask, No I won’t be trying to bring them in as a client for you, they have their own Law Firm.”

He stared at her for a long minute.”This is not a simple thing is it Jay-la, did he really take you over a monetary debt?”

“I honestly have no idea. I was only in his presence for maybe 3 or 4 very uncomfortable minutes, he was completely fuming with rage. It is all l got. Then his father interrupted. With your press conference and I took the opportunity to run away, and got away, that is it, he never actually spoke to me other than to demand I look at him.” she shrugged, she wasn’t about to tell him she had been dragged back to be punished for that 1 slap to his Mate’s tace.

He was no fool and was starting to think money was not the motivation. He’d never find out the real reason, he was human and they wolfen and if he did and tried to out them he would be slaughtered before he could and his body would likely never be found. He would simply just vanish without a trace from the human world. She had no idea what to do with him.

Alpha Nathan, she knew if she dropped the charges, would have her and her pups taken instantly and brought to him with just I phone call. So for now, the charges will have to stay in place.

Once she was safely initiated into another pack, she could drop them.

‘It’s a losing battle’ Kora piped up. He’ll come at some point.

Jay-la knew this, it was just a matter of when, but probably not until he could assure his pup’s safety from his current Mate.

Their very existence was a threat to her and her heirs, to his throne, so to speak, it’s likely the triplets would be probably 6 to 12 months older if he and Sophia had pups right away.

‘I know, we just need to wait. Next weekend we’ll go and see grandmother and her pack. If all goes well, we’ll simply stay.’

‘You sure?’ Kora sounded worried.

‘Yes, and you’ll finally be able to run free and at will.’ Jay-la smiled at her.

‘Mm okay’ though she still felt a little reluctant to Jay-la.

‘We might find our Mate!’ Jay-la offered, hoping to cheer her up “and you’ll be able to let the pups ride on your back.”

Kora chortled at that ‘Deal’. It was something she always wanted to do. Her demeanour picked up right away.

‘Good, let’s think positively about our visit to grandmother’s pack, okay.’

‘Okay’ Kora settled down in her mind, but Jay-la felt the lingering thought of Havoc. She pushed it aside. Since his wolf had called to her, Kora had been having odd feelings, uncertain of what it was herself but it was concerning. Jay-la had tried to tell her it was just the Alpha calling her to come home, for his pups, nothing more, but there was a feeling of uncertainty within Kora and it was still with her.

She knew as well as Kora that Havoc was not her fated mate. If he was, they wouldn’t be in this situation, they would have marked and mated on her 18th birthday and their pups would have been born in the pack. She gently reminded Kora of this now. Kora agreed, but still that lingering thought of Havoc, stayed with her. It’s just because he’s the pup’s father, Jay-la reassured her now.

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