The Defiant Mate Chapter 37

Nathan POV

He had nearly fallen out of his bed when he’d been woken by his father mind-linking him that Stephen had brought Jay-la to the Alpha floor.

He was completely naked and moved to his walk-in robe and pulled a tee-shirt and jeans off the hangers, yanked them on and headed out to greet them, didn’t much worry about his appearance. She’d seen him half a sleep many times actually always told him he looked sexy when half asleep.

He’d stepped out of his suite, hopefully soon their suite. He had not been expecting the triplets as his father had not mentioned that.

He ran his hair through his messy bed hair and headed towards them, his mother was already talking to them, couldn’t wait to introduce herself to her grandbadies, it seemed.

He had been surprised by Jay-la’s lack of anger in his direction, something had changed or, perhaps after this morning, Havoc’s display of wanting to mark her. She was either willing to accept him or worried any display of withdrawal or rejection would get her forcibly marked by his wolf. Either way, it was nice to see her in this state. Even nicer to watch her slide her eyes over him and take him in, he couldn’t help but smile at her.

‘A start’ Havoc piped up in his mind.

I can work with that’ he thought, going over there. She even seemed embarrassed that he’d caught her checking him out. Hell she could do it all day every day as far as he was concerned.

To his great delight, the twins took right to him, and when they had launched themselves right into his arms after he had picked them apart, his team of warriors who had been watching them had let him know that the only difference they could see was Lilly was more upfront and Rosalie quieter, seeing as the girl had grabbed onto him and directly asked him if he was her father she could only be Lilly, but he had looked her over, and her sister they indeed were identical, just taking his time before letting her know he did know who she was.

It had made them both very happy that he knew them apart. Their scents were ever so slightly different that would be a great help. He could well imagine the mischief they would try to get up to later in life, especially if they were anything like their mother, being identical, probably try to trick him as to who they were to avoid punishment at some point.

He’d caught Jay-la’s reaction to the twins and him hugging. He was instantly concerned, didn’t know if it was happy or sadness. He’d also seen Stephen reach out and touch her to comfort her, and when she had regained her composure and found him looking at her she had waved him off, clearly not wanting to talk about it. They were going to have to.

Nate, on the other hand, a very reserved, angry little one, took a shot at him about him not being around to look after his sisters. Very much the Alpha and ready to fight it out. But then, to his surprise, he had walked over and clutched his mother’s hand like it was a life line, like he needed her to comfort him. ‘even and Alpha will always want their mummy’ his father mind-linked him his tone full of amusement.

He’d walked them down to, hopefully their suite soon, and pushed both doors open for them to walk in. The girls were off looking at things. Nate stayed with his mother. He could see her worry and tried to reduce it by letting her know she could leave the room anytime she liked, but he didn’t really want her too.

When he’d mentioned the words our babies and Kora had purred so loudly he couldn’t help but chuckle. Thank the goddess, she was on his side, 3 against 1 at this point. The twins were off with excitement at seeing their rooms. He’d actually installed an adjoining door between their rooms. He thought they might want that, he’d had it done the day after he’d found out about them being his.

He stayed with Jay-la and Nate. He could tell the twins were fine. She’d walked into his room after him but had stopped just inside the door. He’d simply followed and allowed himself to watch her. She was wearing clothes from olden days. Actually, if he recalled correctly he had removed this very shirt from her body once before.

He leaned on the door frame only a foot away and just watched her, enjoyed being this close to her, smelling her scent. It was wonderful to actually be this close to her and not have her trying to run away.

Though he knew it was driving up his desire to mark and mate her, with every minute she stood this close to him, and he could see the love bite Havoc had left on her. His mark would be permanent.

When he’d spoken to Nate, her entire body had frozen, she clearly had not realised just how close he was to her. Perhaps Kora was purposely not trying to smell him to keep her from realising how close he was, her beautiful jewel green eyes had turned on him and he hadn’t been about to help himself bring up their bedroom, and the seductive undertone of his voice was automatically pulled from him. Her eyes had always been his undoing and now it seemed was no different. He wanted her and he wanted her to know it, just like he had always wanted her to know.

It was more need at this point, as he was trying to convince her that he was of no threat to her, that he did indeed want this Bond, did want her to be his Mate, his Luna and goddess, help him, the mother to their future children, because, yes he wanted to put a pup in her and if she would let him he would do it right now, to see her swollen with his unborn child. His desire was increasing by the minute.

He watched as she practically ran to the other side of the room away from him, and couldn’t help but smile. She was afraid he was going to seduce her, he would at some point, could only imagine that if the children weren’t all here he would be already trying.

Nathan knew she was not coming out of this room with him standing in the doorway. “I’ll go check on the girls. Why don’t you help Nate find some winter clothing from the wardrobe,” and he left her alone with Mate. Still smiling to himself, it seemed she was feeling the Mate Bond, though was still trying to fight it. He chuckled to himself, ah now that is a losing battle, considering he was going to be as close to her as was possible to help it get stronger, until she couldn’t deny it anymore, deny him. Her days of defiance were over now.

Even Havoc chortled at that thought.

He found the twins had already made a mess in both their rooms, toys were pulled out and strewn about the rooms and both beds had clearly been jumped on.

They were currently eating snacks from their snack corner. “Girls, how about we get you some warm clothes on, go over there and pick something warm out”. They turned those green eyes on him, smiling up at him “Okay.” they both said at the same time, and run off to Rosalie’s wardrobe to find something to wear. They were so freaking adorable, he was never going to be able to punish them, those darned green eyes would sink him every time.

He wondered if this was what his parents felt for Abbey and why they couldn’t punish her. Hmm guess it was a Jay-la chore. He was certain she had disciplined them already. Being a single parent, there was no other choice.

He stood and watched from the doorway as they helped dress each other in warm clothing and came out with big pink puffy jackets with fur around the hoods and long pants with little boots.

How was it even possible that they got cuter in the last 5 minutes?

Even Havoc was watching them intently, his tail flicking back and forth happily as he watched them. He would have to get Jay-la’s permission to let Havoc out to meet them, though his wolf had never been so happy in all his life, clearly having Kora as a Mate was good for him, not to mention they had gone from being alone to having a Mate and children, three of them, instant family.

He headed out of the room and the twins went running into Nate’s room. He was in there putting shoes on, Jay-la was sitting on the edge of the bed watching him, she was holding a black jacket for him to put on, the twins ran right up to her talking a mile a minute about their rooms, how there were fairy and unicorn toys and dolls to play with, how everything was all pink purple and sparkly, they climbed up on Nate’s bed and were already jumping on it. But then they complained that his bed was bigger than either of theirs.

Which it was, an Alpha male would need a bigger bed than an Alpha female and he had thought about this. Nate’s room was sporting a queen-sized bed where both the girls only had single beds, that’s not why you did it’ Havoc piped up and chortled at him.

I don’t want boys in my girls’ rooms.’ Nathan muttered. He knew it too, but was trying to convince himself he wasn’t going to be the overprotecting father figure.

Yes, you will.!’ Havoc chortled again ‘l will be!

“Jay-la, what are your and the children’s plans for the day?

“Not much. Find them warm clothes, maybe find Rae-Rae and hang out”

“How’d you know Rae-Rae is here?” he questioned. He had yet to tell her that.

The smirk that crossed her face, practically melted his heart.

She was looking directly at him with full-blown amusement in her eyes. If the children weren’t in this room, he would be on her so fast she wouldn’t know what hit her.

“I watched you all arrive home last night, Kora and I were hiding a snow drift.” she nearly laughed and he loved it, hell he didn’t care she’d escaped from him. Right this minute, just seeing her that happy, even at his expense, made him happy.

I told you l smelled Kora’ Havoc muttered at him.

Sorry buddy next time I’ll listen:’ he promised.

“Havoc nearly looked right at us, but I’m guessing you thought I was stillL.. in the Luna Suite and didn’t listen to him, or convinced him we weren’t out there.” she was chuckling and he could hear Kora along with her. They were both amused that they had gotten away and hidden from him. He did note the hesitation. She obviously didn’t want their children to think he had locked her up, put everyone above herself he thought, even his reputation, didn’t want to make him look bad in their children’s eyes. She really was to good for him.

“Was a great shock indeed” he nodded, then shot through the mind-link ‘you ever climb 5-storeys down the drain pipe again and I will put you across my knee and let Havoc suc*k the hell out of you.’ his tone was firm but still playful.

Havoc pushed his way to the surface right there in front of her and the children. “I’ll st*ck you good and proper:” he growled playfully at her.

Jay-la raised an eyebrow in response but he heard Kora chortle softly.

All of the children were staring at him now. This was unexpected and they had no context for his sudden comment either. Nathan had been going to wait a few days. Havoc turned his eyes on them one at a time to really look at his children, Jay-la was watching from her seat, he could see Kora on the surface now to, they didn’t seem afraid of him just watching.

The twins had stopped jumping up and down on the bed and were looking at him with interest, probably the first time seeing a wolf other than Kora. Nate stood up from tying his shoe and stepped over to the bed, climbed up and stood right in front of the twins.

Their protector as always. Not that Havoc would ever hurt them. He was just finally getting to see his pups for the first time. “Mine.” He growled softly, and then retreated.

“Sorry,” Nathan apologised, “thought we were going to wait for that a few days. I guess Havoc changed his mind. I hope he didn’t frighten you?” he directed at the children.

They all just shook their heads.

He was more than relieved that they weren’t afraid of his wolf.

“I’m starving. Let’s go eat” he said, heading for the door.

As they all walked out, Lilly piped up “Daddy, where is mummy’s room? We all got one, did mummy?”

Nathan’s heart skipped a beat and he was hard-pressed to keep the happy howl from Havoc inside of him. As he turned and looked down at his very expected daughter who had just called him Daddy for the first time, he could not, however, stop the moisture filling his eyes at the joy of hearing just that one word, ‘daddy. He blinked rapidly and tried to push the tears of joy about to spill down his face.

“Um, yes she does”. He cleared his throat and looked right at Jay-la, she was staring at him now, and appeared shocked by his reaction to their daughter’s words. He tried to shake it off, but he was too darn happy. ” She can stay with me, in the master bedroom. Or if that doesn’t suit her yet, in one of the other rooms down the hall from you.”

Her shock was gone and turned to a deep frown, “I never said we would be staying in there.” he watched as three sets of eyes turned on her questioningly, even Nate it seemed, was expecting to stay in his room, seeing as he had one.

“We can discuss it later:” Nathan nodded, ” Let’s just go eat.

Jay-la, you and I will have to sit down and really talk later, perhaps over dinner? Just the two of us.”

“And just where would my children be?”

“Our children can be with either one of our parents or both of them if you like.”

“Fine,” I want some answers, anyway.

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