The Defiant Mate Chapter 39

Nathan POV

Havoc was annoyed with him to say the least, he could have marked and mated her right there in the private dining room. Had wanted to.

But chosen not to, he really had meant it when he’d told her he wanted her to wholeheartedly want them, as much as his wolf was ticked off and annoyed with him, as much as his desire burned inside of him and made his Alpha blood boil for his mate. He would wait for her to come to him.

Her reaction to his k!ss, said it all, but the only reason he had k!ssed her was because he had thought she was going to say something that would cause him serious pain, that she was still thinking about rejecting him. “before I can decide on anything”.

Those words had caused his heart to ache instantly. It wasn’t a rejection, but it meant she still wasn’t ready to accept him either. He knew dinner had been horrible, talking through everything, hearing her tell him she’d felt lonely and unwanted had nearly killed him, because he knew, it was he who’d caused her to feel that way.

He had k!ssed her simply out of a need to show her that he wanted her, that he would always want her, she had k!ssed him back and he had taken advantage of her, of her need to be wanted and feel loved and cherished.

He’d known even while he was k!ssing the hell out of her this was not the answer, this was not the way. And that she would likely regret it afterwards and so had dragged his hot and aroused body away from hers before he’d ripped her dress off and took what he wanted, whether she would regret it afterwards or not.

The way she had stood and stared at him after the k!ss, her green eyes dark and so filled with desire as much as his were, her hands were still held up in front of her as though still holding on to him, but she looked very confused, she simply didn’t understand why he hadn’t seduced her all the way, he knew, her desire and his had filled this room, it was flooding out of the both of them, but he wanted their Marking and Mating to actually be her choice.

It was clear to her though, that he wanted it, his wolf wanted it. He knew Kora did too, but Jay-la was an unknown emotional mess on the inside, to him, and he couldn’t push her into overload. It might not go down so well.

He watched as she thanked him and then just turned and walked out the room. He really wanted to go after her and hug her to him. She’d looked more than a little lost, very confused and though not upset at all, just kind of out of it, he thought. He hoped he hadn’t already broken her emotional state. He walked to the door and watched her go.

She merely strolled down the hall, he followed her at a distance, her behaviour odd. She hadn’t gotten angry with him or glared at him in annoyance for taking liberties with her. He watched as she turned the corner, and he headed down the hall to follow her. She strolled seemingly in a daze all the way to the elevator and pressed the button.

Stephen appeared next to him. Nathan had asked him earlier to not be far away in case she had a complete meltdown and he was needed. He was watching her as well. He’d been sitting on one of the couches in the front living area, probably watching TV.

He glanced at Nathan when she stepped into the elevator and shrugged “not getting anything, boss.”

“Odd to say the least, kind of expected her to beat me actually.”

“What did you do?”

“K!ssed the hell out of her:” he answered honestly. “Where do you think she’s going?”

Stephen chuckled “Your suite, I imagine, isn’t that where the pups are?”

“Mm, they are he nodded, “Do you think l broke her?”

“No, I’ve seen broken, I think she is stunned maybe.”

“But you didn’t get any distress off of her, anger, anything.”

“Nothing boss, kind of like she’s not really there, autopilot mode I’m guessing. Did you talk it out, or did you spend the whole time attached at the l!ps?”

“We talked, but I don’t know, l got this weird feeling, not a good feeling, and when she stood to leave the room I just got up and k!ssed her.”

“That’s the aftermath of a k!ss?” Stephen stared at him, then laughed at him. “Boss, you know you can’t deprive the brain of Oxygen or it stops working.” Nathan turned his eyes on his Gamma and punched him.


“What? How long did you steal her breath away from her for?”

“I don’t know’ Nathan shrugged till I realised I was about to mate and mark her I guess.”

“Ah, so a long time boss.” Stephen walked away. “Don’t worry about it, I’m sure she is fine, she certainly isn’t distressed about it, boss. Perhaps just leave her for now and try again tomorrow.”

“Yeah” he nodded, it had been an emotional roll-a-coaster today, though for him in a good way, but he was still tired. He wandered into his office and sat down to give her a chance to settle down for the night. He rested his head on the back of the couch and stared blankly at the ceiling.

A smile touched his face as he thought about her and their children. He couldn’t get the picture of her sitting on the bed in Nate’s room with all three of them staring at Havoc out of his mind, his family right there in his Suite.

‘Soon’ Havoc huffed at him.

Hopefully buddy, let’s just give her time she needs to adjust, hey, its not even been a day.

‘Kora’ he whined

I know you want to be with her, it will happen, she is your Mate and you know she is not going anywhere!

“What did you do to the girl?” his mother’s voice popped into his head via the Mind-link.

“Nothing, just k!ssed her.”

“You sure, son?”

“Positive, mother.”

“Hmm, looked like you had your way with her without marking her.”

“I did no such thing, sent her away before lI lost control. How is she?”

“Quiet, how was she when she left you?”

Nathan really didn’t like that turn of phrase and neither did Havoc either “Jay-la was quiet when she left the dining room. So she is there then.”

“Checked on the children and turned herself in for the night. We are all headed off now. Don’t be disheartened, son, it’s not even been a day.”

“I know. I’m not’ and he wasn’t.” He knew it was going to take time, he also knew that Havoc would growl and be annoyed and angry with him for taking so long, but he would do it the right way.

He didn’t want to Mark and Mate her only to have turn around and accuse him of forcing her into it, and he knew Havoc didn’t either.

“We can sneak in and cuddle her when she sleeps, sneak out before she wakes up’ Havoc chortled. When on earth did you become so cheeky and naughty?”

Nathan laughed to himself. It wasn’t a bad idea, he had no idea if he could sneak into her room without her scenting him and waking her.

An interesting thought though.

We used to be, played with Kora lots when she was younger.

Nathan thought on that one, and yes, he supposed Havoc would always enjoy chasing Kora around the pack, hunting her and pouncing on her when they found her, him bowling her over when she was in a full run trying to out run him and they would end up tumbling over each other until Havoc was standing directly above her tiny wolf, she between his front paws, lying on the ground all submissive, it was very dominant of him as he would stare down at her with that you can’t outrun me look, and then playfully swat her with his paw, to get her up and moving again, to give her a head start for another chase.

‘sat on her more than once! Havoc chortled at him, ‘she was so tiny, easy to dominate.’

‘Not so little now:’ Nathan mused.

‘Ah but, she still enjoyed me pouncing on her and dominating her.’ there was pride in his voice. He was very happy about mating his Mate.

Nathan stood, they would head for their suite, he would like to be close to her and the children, it was the first time they would be all staying in the Alpha Suite, their new home. Finally, he had his family under his roof, though still not his Luna in his bed, but he would get that too, just a matter of time.

He took the stairs, a slow easy walk up to the top floor, and pushed through the doors to his suite. He didn’t want her to think he was stalking her, so he didn’t check on the children. He knew they were alright.

Hit the shower and crawled into his bed naked, as he always did, hated wearing clothes to bed, looked at the empty pillow next to him and sighed. Soon. He thought he would be able to wake up and she would be right there sleeping next to him, right there for him to reach out and touch, right there to wake up first thing in the morning and… Nope, I can’t think that one through with her only down the hall.

‘Sneak down to her, cuddle her’, he heard Havoc remind him playfully. Nathan liked this side of his beast.

He had been worried that her anger and his anger were going to be a problem, that they might feed off of each other and get worse, but it seemed the Mate Bond was doing as it was supposed to, evening out each other’s flaws.

Maybe tomorrow, let’s give her space tonight, okay? Just one night in the alpha suite where she can learn we won’t mate and mark her unwittingly during the night, make her feel safe, secure and okay with being in our suite Havoc huffed but didn’t argue.

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