The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1108

Nicole took the card in a complicated mood and put it in her purse.

Since she already used the card, it would be unreasonable to give him back the money.

“Please come again…”

Yvette and Nicole left the store together. The staff politely sent them away.

A long sigh of envy sounded from behind. “Her starting point is our end goal. The cards in Ms. Stanton’s bag are enough for me to spend for a few lifetimes. I’m so envious!”


After leaving the mall, Nicole called Clayton. He picked up after a few rings.

“Little Nicole…” Nicole was speechless.

Yvette was startled by that name. “Hahahahaha… Mr. Sloan, that pet name is a little too odd!”

There was silence on the phone for half a second. Clayton did not say anything.

Except for the echoing sound of Yvette’s laughter, no one else spoke.

Clayton did not expect someone else to be there.

Nicole was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to burrow into.

Clayton was really going too far recently. His pet names for her had completely changed from normal to weird.

It was fine if only Nicole heard it, but if others heard it…


Half a minute passed.

Nicole could not help but cough. “Clayton?“


He responded immediately.

Clayton was just waiting for her to speak.

Nicole rolled her eyes at Yvette next to her. “Did you put a card in my bag?“

Without waiting for him to reply, she clarified, “I was shopping with Yvette and found an unfamiliar card after swiping it. The staff said that the owner’s last name was Sloan. Is it yours?“

Clayton chuckled. “Yeah, but feel free to buy anything. Don’t worry, there’s no limit on it.“

Nicole said, “That’s not what I meant. Why did you give me a card?“

“Of course, it’s your allowance. I’ll only have a sense of security if I can dedicate some of my possessions to you.”

To the side, Yvette could no longer hold back and burst out in laughter.

“Why are you saying that, Mr. Sloan? Is a sense of security built with money? Also, Nicole gifted me a lot of things. Don’t be heartbroken!“

Clayton’s voice was warm.

“Of course not. As long as it’s from her, I won’t be heartbroken. Please feel free to use them, Ms. Quimbey!“

Yvette looked at Nicole. “You have to spend more money in the future so that Mr. Sloan can feel at ease!“

Nicole pinched her lightly. “That’s none of your business.“

It was in front of Yvette, so Nicole felt embarrassed. Nicole hung up after saying a few sentences.

The two of them went back to Nicole’s apartment.

The dressing room had all the high-fashion dresses from major brands.

The moment Yvette entered, she forgot all about the black card and focused on the clothes.

Nicole casually found a light blue satin dress that hugged her waist. Her skin was fair and supple, so if she wore this, she would look like snow on top of a mountain. Her unreachable and cold aura instantly made people stay away.

The style of the dress was simple and uncomplicated.

It was not grand, but it was very decent.

For an event like this, having an effect that brought about a sense of distance was more than appropriate.

Yvette chose a short black dress. It was flamboyant and dark, yet noble and sexy, accentuating her figure extremely well.

Nicole nodded and gave her the most suitable black diamond necklace from the jewelry store that she just bought.

The effect was really quite stunning.

The two of them could not drive themselves over, so they called a driver to pick them up.

They arrived at the venue in the evening. They entered the room.

Camron‘s son and daughter were present and enthusiastically came over to greet Nicole when they saw her.

Nicole knew them beforehand and did not stand on formality. They exchanged pleasantries with each other.

What was surprising was that in the corner, Ava was present as well.

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