The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1180

However, Nicole quietly did such a big thing that was enough to stir the whole entertainment industry. She laid out the dirtiest side of the circle for people to see.

Such a harsh move exploded overnight.


That was because Nicole did not trust him anymore.

Dominic realized this problem when he was sitting alone in his office in silence as he watched the online discussion.

He did not answer anyone’s calls.

Dominic could be in this position and make a lot of decisions for Kai in his stead because he not only has the ability, contacts, and resources, he also has a good relationship with Kai. That was how Dominic got to where he was today.

However, Dominic really panicked today.

Kai seemed frivolous and unruly on the surface, but he placed unimaginably great importance on his family, especially his baby sister. It was simply to the point of obedience.

If Nicole wanted to fire Dominic, would Kai hesitate? Kai would not.

Dominic leaned on the backrest of the chair, closed his eyes, and really regretted his actions.

The phone was still ringing incessantly. Dominic impatiently picked it up. His tone was extremely harsh. ” Don’t call me! I can’t save you. Do you know who you have offended? You even dared to make a move on Harvey? Are you that crazy for a man?”

Dominic’s words were rude as he did not even bother to maintain superficial politeness.

There was a moment of silence on the phone. The caller suppressed her anger and politely pleaded.

“Mr. Young, I have no other way. You’re the only one who can help me now. Please help me to tell the platform to take down the trending topic. If I get through this hurdle safely, I’ll definitely spare no effort to help you in the future if there’s anything I can do to help!”

Dominic said, “It’s only because of you that I don’t know how to pass my hurdle. There’s really nothing I can do.”

“Mr. Young, did you forget that Fabian has also reached a cooperation with us…?”

Viola Zeigler used Fabian to threaten Dominic. When Harvey pulled out, Dominic said all the good words to get Fabian to replace Harvey.

Right now, Dominic was too quick to change his stance.

“Fabian? You can do whatever you want. Shoot if you want to. Anyway, Nicole only wants to promote Harvey, so I have no time to care about the rest!”

Dominic hung up the phone afterward.

He could barely fend for himself at the moment and was hesitating if he should call Kai to save his life.

In the car, Viola Zeigler cursed Dominic for leaving her to fend for herself.

The people at the door seemed to recognize Viola’s car. A few people even slowly sneaked over to photograph her car.

Viola panicked. She quickly started the car and stepped on the gas pedal.

reasonable and would not involve the interests of other artists.

Otherwise, the capital behind the other artists would not agree to it.

However, Nicole did not care about that.

She was right about choosing Harvey, who was more reliable than the others.

Otherwise, was it not self-evident that Harvey did not strip naked for the shoot when others did?

Such a great advantage should be known to the whole country.

When Harvey did not come out in time to defend himself, those netizens had an even deeper impression of Harvey in their hearts. They also had more goodwill toward him.

They were fans that could not be bought with money.

Nicole scanned through the unread messages on WhatsApp. Fabian also sent one.

[I’m sorry, Ms. Stanton. I’ve given up the cooperation with Viola Magazine.]

Nicole still did not reply.

Logan knocked on the door. “President, he’s here.” “Please come in.”

Nicole smiled, made the coffee, and brought it to the lounge table in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

A tall, thin young man walked in with a respectful and careful attitude.

“Hello, Ms. Stanton. Nice to meet you.” He looked very nervous.

Nicole smiled and sat on one side. “Please, sit.” The young man sat down carefully.

Nicole pushed the coffee in front of him. “Thank you for helping me.”

“You’re welcome. Mr. Carter has been good to me, so I’ll definitely help if he says so. Besides, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to break into their circle so easily, and Viola’s people wouldn’t have trusted me so quickly. In fact, everything was coincidental and smooth, and I didn’t do anything.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. He was quite modest.

“Anyway, you’ve helped me a lot, so to thank you, please accept this token of appreciation.”

Nicole smiled, took out a card, and put it on the table. There were five million dollars in it.

It was not too much and not too little.

The young man waved his hand in a panic. “No, I can’t take it.”

“Please accept it. It’s just a small token of appreciation. Don’t worry, I’ve already had your online registration information erased, so no one will be able to find out your true identity. However, your current phone number can’t be used anymore. I heard that you’re a professional photographer. If you’re willing, I can recommend you to work in the photography department of Wave Media. I won’t force it if you’re not.”

The young man froze for a moment and immediately responded by standing up and bowing in gratitude.

“I’m willing, Ms. Stanton! I really am.”

Nicole smiled and glanced at Logan.

Logan stepped forward, took the card, and stuffed it into the young man’s pocket.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you there.”

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