The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1182

Nicole paused.

“Go talk to the major media platforms. Harvey’s circular must be developed towards sincerity, modesty, and being low-profile…”

It was fine to make people get a good impression of Harvey first.

Logan nodded.

News about Viola’s scandal had spread all over the place. Once this matter was exposed, no one in the circle would want to be associated with them in the future.

No one would dare to take the risk to work with Viola Magazine on their cover.

Who would dare?

It would result in “those” kinds of photos being exposed.

For a few days in a row, Viola Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Viola Ziegler, did not dare to show her face.

Then, after an unknown person called the cops, the police came out and arrested Viola along with the photographer.

When news of this incident was spread online, the internet was instantly flooded with a wave of praise.

They all praised the police for their efforts to get rid of evil.

Next, it was time to warm up for the Superstar Awards party.

After this Viola incident, the best nominee was undoubtedly Harvey Sage.

His fan club was also very capable and had a strong convening power.

The young idols that debuted in the same period, including Fabian, were only in the midst of honing their acting skills and were nominated for the Best Newcomer Award at most.

However, Harvey was directly nominated for Best Actor. It was clear that his acting skills were deeply approved by the industry.

The significance was not the same.

The most crucial thing was that Harvey had not been willing to succumb to the casting couch. He put forward a positive and proactive image and stood out among many artists.

This was one of the evaluation criteria of the Superstar Awards. There was no guarantee that the judges would not be biased toward Harvey because of this incident.

This was also the reason why Nicole did not allow Logan to pull some strings in secret.

Once they spent money to buy the title, it was inevitable to become something that needed to be kept in the dark.

It would make the judges unwilling instead. Thus, it was better to let nature take its course. Harvey would not lose anyway.

The event this time was important, so Nicole naturally would not be absent.

She wore a form-fitting and fancy dress. She looked delicate and bright, and her temperament was cool with a few hints of fatal tenderness.

Nicole sat in the car, waiting to enter the venue.

She could have entered straight away, but Harvey was arranged to walk on the red carpet alone, so she wanted to see it.

To the side, Clayton was dressed in a dignified and noble manner and complemented her dress.

Without a closer look, only a few people would discover the detail Clayton put in his style.

Clayton looked sideways at Nicole, who was looking outside the window.

At that moment, he felt a little jealous. “Don’t be anxious. It’ll be his turn soon…”

Nicole could not help but complain. “The people in front really know how to dawdle. What’s the point of staying just a few seconds longer?”

“It’s a rare opportunity to show themselves off, so they want to hog the camera lens a little more.”

Nicole pouted. Clayton was being very considerate.

Clayton silently smiled. “But I think none of them are as pretty as you.”

Nicole’s eye twitched. Clayton had finally gotten her attention.

Clayton’s voice was like gurgling water, gently flowing into her heart.

“You’re the most beautiful.”

Nicole’s heart trembled slightly, and her ears subconsciously reddened.

She smiled and graciously accepted the praise from her heart.

”You’re right.”

Nicole turned away and continued to look outside.

Clayton was speechless.

The driver drove a new MPV, so no one recognized who the owner of this car was.

Nicole counted. Harvey’s turn would be coming up soon.

The few people slowly dawdled outside the car and surrounded a well-dressed man in the middle.

“What the hell? The organizer let Harvey’s appearance be the grand finale? They clearly invited Fabian long ago!”

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