The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1191

Everyone looked at each other and unconsciously started to clap along as well. However, they hesitated when to scream along with Nicole.

It was not very appropriate.

To the side, Clayton’s face was slightly gloomy as he narrowed his eyes and looked at the people below.

Harvey stood on the stage and bowed. Everyone was very enthusiastic.

His popularity was most likely the highest. Otherwise, he would not be the finale for such a grand entrance.

Clayton looked sideways at Nicole’s brilliant smile. How eye-piercing.

He really could not hold back and reached out to hold Nicole’s hand forcibly, stopping her from clapping.

That jealousy in his heart was surging.

Nicole looked at Clayton and blinked. Her smile was still bright on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

Clayton squeezed her palm. “I’m afraid your hand will hurt from clapping so hard.”

Nicole wanted to continue applauding and tried to pull her hand back, but she could not.

She laughed and whispered mysteriously, “It doesn’t hurt! Harvey was the last to come out. Do you think the judges deliberately arranged for this?”

Clayton chuckled.

She had a good imagination.

A popular entrance like this would indeed cause people to speculate endlessly.

However, according to Clayton’s guess, it was just to satisfy the vanity of the fans.

It was just a little compensation for Harvey’s failure.

In other words, Harvey might really lose the Best Actor award later.

However, when Clayton saw Nicole’s expectant gaze, he really could not voice out his speculation because he might be wrong.

Clayton said, “Don’t think too much about it. Fabian was the opening and Harvey was the finale. They’re both from Falcon Entertainment. I have to admit that Mr. Young is really quite capable.”

Kai was now training abroad. If not for Dominic’s efforts, the people here might not put the two Falcon Entertainment artists in the most prominent positions.

Nicole nodded in agreement.

“Dominic is very clever in trivial matters, but he also has real skills. Otherwise, how would my third brother trust him so much?”

The host came on stage, said a few words, and started the awards ceremony.

The process was somewhat boring yet thrilling. In Nicole’s opinion, some of the people who won awards did not deserve them according to their abilities.

Were the panel of judges blind?

Nicole waited patiently for the Best Actor category.

Six people were nominated altogether.

After the six short clips were shown, it was obvious that three of them were just runners-up.

Although the acting was good and the script was not bad, their faces were not as attractive, so the fans did not buy into them.

The other three were Harvey Sage, a senior actor in the circle, and a celebrity with a huge online following.

It was clear that the celebrity was only nominated because he pulled some strings secretly.

Even in the short clip earlier, his acting was awkward, and he stumbled over his lines. It was simply smearing his own name instead.

Nicole wondered if the clip was broadcasted to nominate or mock him.

She watched with interest and could not help but laugh out loud.

Clayton also saw the truth and his brain spun. He already figured out who would win the award.

He smiled. “What are you laughing at?” Nicole lifted her chin and pointed below.

“Fortunately, there’s still a senior actor among the nominees, so Harvey’s status will be elevated when he stands there. Otherwise, if Harvey stands with that Lothario, this event will become a joke.”


Clayton raised his brows and heard the ridicule for the celebrity in her voice.

His lips curled silently. With her high and mighty attitude,

she probably did not even remember the man’s name, right?

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