The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1211

There was a click. Isaac’s arm was dislocated.

Isaac’s face instantly paled and his eyes widened in shock. “You b”tch! How dare you…”

Before Isaac could finish that sentence, Nicole slapped him.

She used all her strength.

The palm print on Isaac’s face was extraordinarily obvious. His cheek was red and swollen with a streak of blood.

It was from Nicole’s angular diamond ring. She quietly turned the diamond inward earlier.

Thus, when she slapped him, the bloodstain on Isaac’s face suddenly appeared.

Isaac was stunned for a moment by that burning scratch.

Then, his body stiffened as anger instantly surged to his heart.

“How dare you hit me?!”

It was just a dislocated arm, so it did not scare him.

He was a fully grown man. Would he be afraid of a fragile woman?

Nicole crossed her arms, lowered her eyes, and curled her lips.

“You were the one who came up to my door. Even if I kill you today, no one will know.”

With those words, Nicole took a step back, grabbed the silk scarf she casually threw on the sofa earlier, and twisted it into a rope.

At that moment, Isaac really froze in place.

Nicole did not have a normal woman’s reaction after being threatened.

He paused and subconsciously took a step back, but he was blocked by the sofa behind him.

The next second, Nicole kicked him hard in the chest.

Isaac felt his entire body fly backward, and he hit the side of the cabinet fiercely.

Men were born with a natural advantage in strength, but he could not play out that advantage with her at that moment.

Suddenly, someone anxiously knocked on the door outside. “Ms. Stanton! Are you in there?”

“Ms. Stanton, are you alright? Open the door!” “Is there anyone inside?”

The urgent voices from outside made the two people inside the room pause slightly.

It looked like Clayton found reinforcements. Not only did he call Logan, but there were also other people as well.

However, Nicole had no intention of opening the door.

She took a few steps forward and stepped on Isaac’s shoulder blade fiercely until she heard the sound of his shoulder blade shattering. Isaac could no longer hold back and screamed.

The people outside thought that something had happened to Nicole, so their shouting became even more frantic.

Nicole heard Logan’s somewhat calm voice.

“Get the spare key and clear the upper and lower floors. Don’t allow anyone to come near.”


Someone hurriedly left.

Nicole smiled. Her gaze was devilish, pure, and bright.

The light inside the room was warm. The fireplace was still burning, and it was still snowing outside.

It was silent.

Nicole did not listen to what the people outside were saying at all.

She just wanted to get rid of the person in front of her.

Nicole put her phone on silent, so naturally, she did not see the flashing caller ID on the screen.

The next second.

Nicole suddenly bent over and wrapped the silk scarf in her hand around his neck, slowly tightening it.

Isaac finally felt scared.

He could clearly feel that she did not just want to beat him up to relieve her anger.

She wanted to kill him!

Sure enough, it was too easy to secretly kill someone in Liberty. Who would be afraid of someone with a little background?

Isaac thought that he had a chance since Nicole came here.

However, his chance was also her chance. “Isaac, isn’t it too late to be scared now?”

Nicole’s voice was ethereal and clear, with a regal coldness.

Isaac cowered. Nicole’s hands suddenly tightened, and she dragged him to the balcony.

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