The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1214

The bodyguard paused and hesitated for a few seconds before answering Clayton’s questions.

“When we pushed the door open, Isaac was hanging from the balcony and was about to die…”

They could not figure out why Clayton called so many of them to protect a woman who could easily strangle a man to death.

That woman’s skills were obviously better than theirs.

Although Nicole did not look like she had much experience in actual combat, her moves were professionally trained.

It was more than enough to deal with a weakling like Isaac.

Clayton was stunned for a moment. He seemed to forget that Nicole was trained in fighting.

When Clayton saved her in front of that bar before, Nicole said that she did not need it.

He was overly concerned. It was no wonder Nicole told him not to worry. She knew that compared to her, Isaac was just a little ant.

Clayton could not help but let out a low laugh.


What was the result? Was Isaac dead?

The bodyguard said, “Ms. Stanton ordered for him to be sent to the Sloan family residence. He was still breathing when he was sent there, but I’m not sure about now. She did not let our people get involved.”

Clayton’s eyes sank. Nicole was probably afraid that the Sloan family would blame the matter on Clayton, so she did not let his people do it.

Clayton responded and hung up the phone without saying more.

If Nicole could think of him, Clayton felt that everything was worth it.

The car drove on the road in the dark.

Slow and firm.

Clayton went to the airport early and waited there to pick Nicole up.

Nicole slept very soundIy. This matter did not affect her sleep at all.

In the morning, Nicole was woken up by Logan knocking on the door.

Logan hurriedIy went to help her pack her belongings and rushed her to go wash up.

Nicole washed her face, not realizing the contrast. Who was supposed to be the assistant?

”What’s the rush?”

Logan nodded. “I rented a bulletproof car, the kind that only the President can use. I’ve also booked a private plane. The Stanton family’s jet might not reach in time, but this road is very concealed, so no one will find out about our whereabouts.”

Nicole could not help but smile.

She leisurely went to the dining table and had a sumptuous breakfast.

“You’re exaggerating. No matter how well-informed the Sloan family is, they won’t instantly find out that Isaac got into trouble at my place.”

Nicole estimated that it would take at least a whole day and night before they found out.

If she was lucky and Isaac died, the Sloan family would be in disarray, and it might take even longer.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry. I already checked. The Sloan family’s power is very extensive. It’s better to be careful in any way we can!”

Nicole took a sip of milk and nodded.

In the blink of an eye, Logan had finished packing everything and came out with the suitcase.

“Let’s go…”

“I haven’t finished eating…”

“The plane is ready!” Logan said.

It looked like Logan did not plan to let Nicole eat her meal i n peace.

Nicole shrugged. ’Fine, let’s go then.’ “Did you ask whether Isaac died or not?”

Logan said, “There’s been no news, but as soon as our people put him down, someone in their family noticed…”

Thus, odds were, with the strength of the Sloan family, Isaac’s chances of surviving were greater.

Nicole lowered her eyes, and Logan could not tell if she was disappointed or happy.

Logan was afraid that Nicole would get another idea and hurriedly went over.

“President, your eldest brother already sent people over. If you don’t go now, he’ll come over and pick you up personally!”

Nicole froze and lifted her eyelids to look at Logan carelessly.

“You told Grant?”

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