The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1220

Floyd smiled and nodded before walking in with Clayton.

Nicole was left behind. The butler ran over happily.

“Ms. Stanton, what would you like to eat? Shall I have the kitchen make your favorite dishes and dessert at noon?”

Nicole sighed and immediately nodded as she touched her stomach.

“I left in a hurry and didn’t eat much for breakfast, so I’m really quite hungry.”

The food on the plane was not great. She was also nauseous and did not have an appetite.

“How could you not have eaten breakfast? I’ll get you some snacks to eat first.”

After the butler finished speaking, he immediately disappeared with the others.

Nicole walked in lazily and saw that Grant had already come back downstairs after changing his clothes. Aida was watching the maids work and helped them to make some drinks.

Clayton and Floyd were exchanging pleasantries in the living room.

Nicole felt like something was missing. After Kai left, there was no one to pick on. Floyd glanced at Nicole.

“What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and come here.”

Nicole quickly went over and sat down without another word.

She put on an expression like she was listening seriously to his teachings.

Floyd was rendered speechless by her. His pent-up anger inexplicably dissipated.

“You shouId’ve informed the family about what happened last night so that we could settle the matter for you, but you dragged it out for an entire night instead?”

Nicole pursed her lips. “I came back safely anyway, so let’s not talk about that. Why don’t we celebrate instead?”

“Celebrate?!” Floyd laughed in exasperation.

“Do you know what you did wrong?”

His voice suddenly lowered.

Even Clayton was stunned for a moment.

Grant took a cup of coffee and slowly walked over to sit down.

He was just a bystander.

Nicole pursed her lips. “I shouldn’t have gone too far… Or I shouId’ve gone further?”

If Nicole had not added that second part, Clayton would have thought that Nicole was really repentant.

Grant almost spat out a mouthful of coffee.

Floyd glared at Nicole speechlessly with a cold face. The butler served coffee and tea to everyone.

As usual, what was placed in front of Nicole was a glass of milk.

Floyd sighed. Although his voice was stiff, it had eased up quite a bit.

“It’s not important if Isaac is dead or alive, and it doesn’t matter whether you went too far or not, but how could you have done it yourself?”

His voice was extremely resentful. “It’ll dirty your hands!”

Grant nodded silently from the side. He expressed his agreement.

“You have so many ways to deal with him. Why did you choose to make a move last night?”

Nicole said, “That jerk was just too annoying, so I don’t want to put up with him a second longer or even see him again. It’ll affect my mood of touring around in Liberty.”

She said it with contempt, a kind of condescending disdain that was unconcealed.

Clayton listened with an expressionless face from the side.

Although Clayton did not know much about the Stanton family, their family atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and all their children were remarkable. None of them were hedonistic.

It was clear that Floyd had prioritized good education for his children.

“Then you shouId’ve gotten rid of him secretly. Why did you send him back to the Sloan family?”

At those words, Floyd glanced at Clayton. Clayton immediately took a stand.

“I’m an illegitimate child, and I didn’t choose which family to be born to. The Sloan family already sees me as a thorn in their side. I think that Nicole did the right thing.”

Floyd’s face looked a little better.

Floyd looked at Clayton with affection and heartache as he spoke with a smile.

“Clayton, you’re still the most principled man. From now on, you can think of this place as your home. We’re all your family.”

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