The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1225

Aida choked as she spoke. There was a sadness in her voice that could not be hidden.

“When I began to make a profit, I learned that the elites were hosting a party that your brother would be attending. I sought out a lot of connections to be able to get in there to meet him. That time, I didn’t dare to go up to him and identify myself. I tried to get his contact information from others indirectly, and it took me several days to just send him a text message. Strangely, he knew that it was me.”

Nicole listened intently from the side.

It was clear that Grant and Aida were not people to be caught up in love. However, what they experienced felt like when someone died and came back to life.

There was a deep-rooted silence.

”Then, you guys got back together again?” Nicole asked.

Aida took a deep breath and sighed.

”Yeah, I brought it up first. I told him that I couldn’t forget him. If he’s still single, we can try to get back together. Of course, if he’s not willing, just forget that I said anything.”

Nicole fell silent after she listened.

She thought that since Grant treasured her so much, he would take the initiative to fight for her.

However, it was Aida who spoke first.

’Grant’s really useless! Men are such control freaks in relationships!’

It looked like women were in charge of everything, but all they cared about was what the men thought.

Aida said, “The few seconds I waited for his answer felt like I was being lynched over and over again. Fortunately, he said yes.”

Thus, the two people who loved each other deeply got back together again after more than five years.

“I thought that I wouldn’t be able to call this relationship a relationship anymore. I was chasing after him, and it was wishful thinking on my part. He just had not met anyone more suitable than me. I was just lucky.”

Nicole heard the pain in Aida’s tone.

She suddenly felt like Aida suffered an injustice.

“Aida, my big brother is such a perfect and picky person. He won’t get married just because someone is suitable. If he doesn’t like something, no one can force him into it. After you two broke up, there were no other women around him. He went to where you were many times and would always be silent for several days when he came back. My dad said that there was an 80% chance he’d become a monk…”

Nicole could not help but laugh.

Aida also chuckled softly.

When Grant proposed they get married, Aida did not dare to agree and said to get engaged first.

Aida was afraid that he would regret it. More than that, she was afraid that she would regret it.

Grant treated her very well, much better than he did five years ago. Aida had basically everything she wanted.

Whether it was her career or her life, it was completely raised to a level that she could only dream of before.

Aida worked diligently to adapt in advance to the role of a good wife.

She helped him care about his family and accompanied him to work overtime.

However, her heart was empty and apprehensive.

Aida knew very well that although they got back together, neither of them knew the extent of each other’s feelings.

There was even some politeness and awkwardness.

Since Aida was the one who took the initiative, she was even more careful. She keenly observed Grant’s emotions and was even a little cautious.

She never thought that Grant had not given up from the beginning.

He went to Wall Street every time just to see her when she did not know?

Her feelings suddenly seemed to be reciprocated. Aida could not accept it for a while.

Why did Grant not mention this before? Nicole and Aida glanced at each other. Then, the two fell silent again.

“But it’s already the best ending that you guys could be together. When you get married and have a little baby, I’ll definitely play with him every day. Grant loves children.

When my father was busy doing business in the past, Grant took care of us all.”

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