The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1232

It was a semi-open space, so people would be able to see Clayton from the door. However, Nicole’s figure inside was blocked by him.

Just by hearing the voice, Nicole felt like it was not a simple woman.

“Mr. Sloan, I didn’t expect to meet you here today. What a coincidence!”

Clayton looked up and nodded slightly. “Ms. Ferguson.”

Nicole suddenly raised her eyes when she heard that last name.

There were not many people with the last name Ferguson i n Atlanta, and she knew almost all of them.

Besides Ingrid Ferguson, who was sent abroad by Eric, who else could be called Ms. Ferguson?

Autumn Ferguson smiled and walked over happily, glancing at the tall and bright woman opposite Clayton who had an outstanding temperament.

She paused and deliberately put her thoughts away as if nothing happened and walked over.

“You’re here too. Do you mind if I join in? I’d like to talk to you about business.”

Nicole sat across the table and did not stand up. She did not look at the woman deliberately.

Nicole just looked at the man opposite her with a smile on her face. Ever since she met him, there had hardIy been any women around Clayton.

In Nicole’s impression, it was as if Clayton would only be with Lil Michael and herself.

However, Nicole seemed to overlook Clayton’s qualifications. He was tall and upright, handsome and elegant, warm and gentle, and extremely rich. How would h e not attract the attention of women?

With his qualifications, no one was more sought after than him in Atlanta besides Eric.

Eric was like an iceberg that could never melt.

However, Clayton was different. He always treated others modestly and politely.

The last time Ava York approached Clayton, her ultimate goal was Nicole, so she did not show her true standards.

It was the first time Nicole saw another woman come forward, so she was a little excited.

Nicole wanted to see how Clayton would react.

If Clayton was too embarrassed to refuse, Nicole felt like she would get angry and take her bag to leave so as to make space for them.

However, Clayton only raised his eyes. The corners of his lips held a detached smile as he spoke politely and calmly.

“Sorry, but I do mind.”

The few simple words caused the two women to be stunned.

Clayton seemed a little too direct.

Autumn paused in her steps. She was very surprised that Clayton would reject her.

Her eyebrows trembled slightly. Autumn glanced to the side at the woman sitting opposite Clayton who looked bright and beautiful but also slightly familiar.

Autumn was a little jealous.

However, Autumn had never expressed her feelings to Clayton before and now was not the time either.

Autumn smiled dryly. “It was too presumptuous of me to have disturbed your social gathering, Mr. Sloan. Let’s make an appointment another day.”

In her words, Autumn implied the countless possibilities of how she would get closer to Clayton.

If the woman opposite Clayton was his girlfriend, she would not be indifferent.

However, the woman across the table had just sat quietly without any movement or reaction.

Autumn sighed in relief and was just about to leave. Clayton corrected her with a smile.

“It’s not a social gathering. I’m having lunch with my girlfriend. She likes her peace and doesn’t appreciate being disturbed by others, especially strangers.”

Nicole subconsciously lifted her eyes and looked at Clayton’s frank and open introduction of herself.

In her heart, Nicole felt a spot that was faintly touched.

If Clayton introduced her like this, he was not giving the woman any way out of the embarrassing situation.

Nicole also tilted her head and looked at the woman’s face.

Autumn Ferguson. Was she Eric’s cousin who was studying at Liberty?

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