The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1238

Nicole stepped on her high heels and got on the elevator without saying a word of nonsense.

Logan and Luca stood behind her left and right, completely blocking Jacob from getting close to Nicole.

Jacob looked at her guiltily but did not dare to take the initiative to talk.

In the conference room, all the information had been prepared.

When they passed by the door, they saw a man dressed in construction overalls standing there. He was covered in dirt and looked tan, thin, and timid as a mouse. He looked like a simple and honest man.

Nicole looked at him and called him in.

Jacob did not even dare to sit down. He stood to the side and stared at the worker.

“This is President Nicole Stanton. Repeat everything that happened to her again.”

“I… I really didn’t mean to. I was drunk…” The worker looked very aggrieved.

It was just a few words.

How did it cause such a large disaster?

He had to speak to the foreman, supervisor, manager, and then the director. Now, there was a woman with such a powerful aura that he did not even dare to look at.

The construction worker was in a panic.

Jacob grew even more anxious when he saw Nicole frown.

He immediately looked at the worker sternly.

“Cut the crap and say what I told you to say. Don’t waste your breath on useless stuff. The company has lost tens of billions because of you! Can you afford it? What you did is called disinformation. We can sue you for criminal liability!”

The worker was so frightened that his face went pale. He stood there at a loss. “I…”

Nicole glanced at Logan, who immediately took a step forward and spoke in a slow voice.

“It’s not that exaggerated. We know that you didn’t do it on purpose. As long as you tell us the whole story, we won’t pursue the matter. It’s evident that this incident was a set-up. You were used by someone, you know?”

The worker looked up at Logan in bewilderment. He looked confused.

Of course, he did not know. No one told him that either.

Countless people just told him that he was in big trouble.

Logan smiled comfortingly and went over to put out a chair for him to sit down.

He also got a bottle of mineral water, opened it, placed it in front of the worker, and patted his shoulder.

“Don’t be nervous. Just say everything you have to. We’re just here to understand what happened. The sooner you finish explaining, the sooner you can go back to work.”

Yes, he still had to work. How would he support his two children who were still in school otherwise?

The worker gulped and looked a little more relaxed than before.

He secretly raised his eyes to look at Nicole and Jacob.

“Uh… At that time, I drank some beer in the morning and my mind wasn’t sober yet when I was working in the afternoon, so I sat on the side to rest for a while. Then, a man came over and gave me a cigarette. I thought he was one of our own. I was dizzy, so I said a few words to him. I don’t even remember what I said. T-That’s all…”

He carefully raised his eyes to look at Nicole, who had not said anything.

The worker could tell that this woman’s identity was definitely not ordinary. Even Jacob, whom the foreman had to treat respectfully, could only stand to the side.

He became even more apprehensive.

What should he do if he loses this job?

Nicole sat there and sighed. Although she was annoyed, it was clear that this worker had been fooled and did not do it on purpose.

What was the use of taking it out on him? She lifted her eyes and tried to be gentle.

“I understand now, but this matter caused a big impact on the company. If there’s a need for your help later, I hope that you can actively cooperate with us to solve this matter. I believe that you won’t want this project to be put on hold either, right?”

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