The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1244

Nicole saw that there were a lot of guests for the dinner


Some were familiar faces, but others were strangers.

The political and business dignitaries came over to network without any concerns.

It was evident that Old Master Leonard’s status in Sand City was just as good as they said.

It was just that Nicole did not expect so many people to turn up to an appointment that she asked Logan to make with Old Master Leonard.

However, since this was the Leonards’ territory, perhaps Old Master Leonard had his own plans.

Just as Nicole was thinking about this, someone came over and respectfully relayed a message.

“Ms. Stanton, Mr. Leonard is asking for you.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows, put down the glass of wine in her hand, said thank you, and walked over with the waiter’s guidance.

The lights shone brightly. Nicole attracted a lot of attention as she walked to Old Master Leonard.

“Old Master Leonard…”

Nicole immediately put on a friend Iy smile as if she was joyful from the heart.

Old Master Leonard turned around and looked at her as he introduced someone.

“Come, Nicole. Let me introduce you to Mr. Lowe, who’s in charge of planning and construction, Mr. Zimmerman, who does the approvals, and…”

Nicole suppressed the deepening doubts in her heart and only put on a polite smile to greet them one by one.

In fact, there was no need for this.

Old Master Leonard could just say the word and solve the matter, so why would he introduce them to Nicole?

Nicole did not understand why Old Master Leonard would spare his own connections and introduce them to her.

Or perhaps there was some other purpose.

Since Old Master Leonard delivered them on a silver platter, there was no reason for Nicole to reject it.

Nicole immediately put on a smile and greeted everyone. Everyone shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

Everything seemed so smooth, but Nicole still had a vague feeling in her heart that something was wrong.

When they arrived at the table, the key people were already seated. Only then did the others come and sit down one after another.

Nicole sat on Old Master Leonard’s left-hand side. Keith said hello and sat down next to Nicole.

In the next second, Nicole looked up and saw the sudden appearance of an unexpected woman opposite her.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. She did not look startled on the surface, but she was secretly surprised, no less than when she saw Keith earlier.

The woman in front of her was actually Autumn, who she had met before coming to Sand City.

What a coincidence.

Seeing that Nicole was in a daze, Keith tugged Nicole’s dress from under the table.

Only then did Nicole smile and regain her natural composure.

It would be close to impossible for an ordinary guest to eat at this table.

’Could it be…’ Nicole thought

Old Master Leonard was happy to see Autumn. His aged voice carried a complaining tone.

“I haven’t seen you all night. You only came out now? Quick, say hello to your uncles. By the way, you probably don’t know her, right?”

Old Master Leonard looked at Nicole, and then at Autumn.

“This is Nicole Stanton from Stanton Corporation. Speaking of which, you both were somewhat related, but it’s all in the past now, so let’s not mention it. Nicole, this is Autumn, a distant relative of the Ferguson family. Her mother is my goddaughter, and Autumn grew up here. She recently graduated and came back home, so I asked her to come and visit me for a few days…”

Nicole smiled. ’So, that’s how it is.’

Autumn looked at Nicole, lifted her chin, and had a cunning look in her eyes.

“How can I not know her? I’ve seen Ms. Stanton before and was taught a lesson just a few days ago. She won’t let me call her ’sister-in-law’ anymore. I didn’t expect us to meet here.”

The surrounding people did not understand the relationship between the two ladies.

The atmosphere then became a little awkward.

On the side, Keith came up to Nicole and asked in a low voice. “You guys have a conflict with each other?”

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