The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1267

Nicole saw it and curled up the corners of her lips. ”Your words are too harsh.”

Clayton sat aside with an indifferent look on his face. “Was it?”

”It’s too harsh, but I like it,” Nicole added.

Clayton smiled at Nicole and reached out to rub her ear. ”Do you suspect her?”

Autumn’s arrival meant that she was anxious.

Why was she anxious?

That was because Autumn knew very well that Nicole was going to find out.

Nicole curled the corner of her lips. “Of course.” Soon.

After Autumn went out, she knew that it would not work trying to negotiate with Nicole, but there was not much time left until the time given by Old Master Leonard.

If Autumn did not get things sorted out today, Old Master Leonard would definitely suspect her.

Autumn stood on the street, thought about it, and made a phone call.

“Have someone tamper with the quality inspection process. Replace those qualified ones with unqualified ones. This way, even if Nicole personally went to the site, she could not explain herself.”

The other side let out a light laugh.

“Too late. Nicole already had her people store the unused building materials. Those workers are watching the warehouse tightly to keep their jobs, so no one can enter.”

Autumn was anxious. “What about those completed ones? Don’t you know how to bribe the homeowners?”

“Ms. Ferguson, those homeowners formed a front. It’s not that we can’t bribe them, but bribing one or two owners is simply useless and will expose ourselves instead. Stanton Corporation wrote clearly in the statement that if there are problems, they can return the house, but once they do so, they might have to spend more money to buy it back. They can’t even buy it back. Do you know how big the prospects of this project are in Sand City?”

Autumn did not have the patience to listen to him saying this nonsense.

“This won’t work. That won’t work! Are you just waiting for Nicole to come and settle the score with you?”

The other party was silent for a few seconds.

“We’ll see to it.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

Autumn was furious. ’Am I the only anxious one here? Forget it. I can’t release that reporter so easily. I’ll just drag it out for a few days if possible…’

Nicole sat in the meeting room and looked down. Although the weather was chilly, the sun was shining, and the air was clear and fresh today.

She sat there in an overwhelmingly happy mood.

Clayton was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. The light stretched his shadow.

Nicole could not resist taking out her phone to take a picture.

The way he stood there was like a framed painting.

It was such a beautiful scene that she could not move her eyes away.

No matter which angle, the shot was great.

Clayton heard the sound of the camera and looked back. His side profile was warm and handsome as he raised an eyebrow.

“Taking pictures?”

Nicole smiled. “Beautiful! Mr. Sloan, you can totally be a model!”

Clayton could not help but laugh. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Of course, it is a compliment!”

Clayton looked at her meaningfully. “Let me see.”

Nicole graciously handed the phone over, not worried at all that her privacy would be exposed.

Clayton took it, zoomed in, and narrowed his eyes. He did not seem to see his potential to be a model. It was just a regular back view.

“Is it nice?”

Nicole could not help but ask expectantly. ’I have such artistic taste!’

Clayton paused slightly and converged his eyebrows. “Mm,

it’s nice.”

Nicole’s smile stiffened slightly as she looked at him suspiciously.

“You don’t think it looks good?”

She was keenly aware of Clayton’s change of mood. That was not at all an appreciative attitude.

Clayton raised his eyebrows. “It’s nice, very nice… There’s nothing wrong with your shot. I just don’t look up to standard.”

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