The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1280

Autumn was shocked as she stood aside.

She could not digest all the information and Quavon’s sudden anger.

’Isaac Sloan is paralyzed ? Clayton’s about to inherit the entire Sloan Corporation?’

Autumn felt like she found out some big shocking secret. Did Nicole do it?

Every time Autumn looked at Clayton, he was so gentle and self-possessed, as if he was born to stand tall in the sun. He had the courage to be ambitious and had the experience of coming from an extraordinary background.

In the eyes of outsiders, Clayton was a successful man who had been carefully nurtured. Although he had no rights to the inheritance, his resume was polished enough.

At this moment, Clayton stood there, tall and upright. His warm and gentle smile was nowhere to be seen. His eyes were sharp, and his face was gloomy, somber, and cold, as if he had turned into a different person.

Quavon finished speaking and glared at Clayton intently.

He was resentful and reluctant, but he had no other choice. He could only give this piece of fat meat to Clayton.

It was best if Clayton could be an obedient dog that Quavon could use at will.

This was what Quavon thought. Clayton listened to it all.

He let out a cold and deep laugh, and his eyes suddenly darkened.

“How do I deserve to be your son? Isaac is your son, isn’t he?”

Clayton’s light sentence completely shattered Quavon’s monstrous anger just now.

Quavon stood there with a miserably pale face. He could not hide the shock in his eyes.

“W-What did you say?”

Autumn was also shocked on the side. It seemed like she overheard too much tonight.

Ordinary people certainly did not have the opportunity to hear such secrets in affluent families.

Quavon’s eyes slowly turned bloodshot and red as he stared at Clayton with a deadly gaze.

Clayton lazily curled his lips into a cold smile that looked somewhat bloodthirsty.

“What? Do you think that you hid this secret very well and that no one will find out? Do you think that he’s particularly aggrieved that you need to treat your own son as your brother? Your wife spends all day drowning in the pain of her son’s death at such a young age, but you never felt a bit of pain. Why? That’s because you dare not admit that Michael’s father’s car accident was arranged and planned by Isaac. You found out, but didn’t dare to tell anyone and even helped to conceal the truth, right?”

Clayton said word by word. Those dark things that Quavon kept hidden in the deepest part of his heart were pried out one by one. Clayton wanted Quavon to see for himself how despicable he was.

Just because Quavon felt that Isaac was aggrieved, he promoted Isaac to be the successor of Sloan Corporation.

Quavon directed all the benefits and resources to Isaac alone.

Why should the bastard son Isaac, who should have gotten the same treatment as Clayton, be treated so well?

At first, Clayton did not understand.

From the time Clayton investigated Michael’s father’s car accident, Clayton finally understood.

Michael’s father was the only one who gave Clayton warmth in the Sloan family. He was Clayton’s younger brother who liked to share his favorite toys with Clayton. He was the kid who never doubted his father’s love and died at the age of twenty.

He was wild, reckless, and did whatever he wanted. He had a fallout with the Sloan family because of a girl, so he did not hesitate to leave the family.

Who would have thought that as soon as he left the Sloan family, he was involved in a car accident?

No one had a more legitimate claim than him to the Sloan family inheritance.

Clayton’s eyes were red as he thought of that young man. His face became even colder and gloomier.

Clayton turned around and looked at Quavon.

“Do you still remember Liam? Michael resembles him more as he grows. Liam’s the one who resembles you the most, yet to cover up your dirtiness, you just classified his death as an accident. Don’t you have a guilty conscience?”

Quavon was a little emotional for a moment. His face was pale and twitching, and his body was shaking uncontrollably.

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