The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1281

Clayton laughed.

“Oh, you won’t feel guilty. You’re just a demented person! You’d rather brand yourself as a good brother who doesn’t care about gains or losses and old traditions like a son inheriting his father’s business. But then you came to me when Isaac got into an accident. Aren’t you just exposing your ugliness like that?”

For a while, Cluavon used a lot of effort to control his emotions.

Ouavon was about to die of anger.

“Clayton, who taught you to talk to me like that? Also, you better shut up about all that nonsense!”

Clayton shrugged, looking unruly and uninhibited.

He did not care at all.

He thought that those scandals were too dirty to even listen to.

“That’s why you’d better stay away from me. Don’t even try to target me. Oh, that goes for Nicole too. Otherwise, I’ll

leak this to the biggest media in the world. They should be very interested.”

Clayton finished with a threatening tone, turned around, and walked away. His eyes were gloomy and hostile.

“Clayton, I won’t let that woman off the hook! Does she think that I won’t find out if Eric takes care of everything for her in Liberty and erases all the evidence?”

Ouavon spoke.

He could not stop the ruthless tone in his voice as he spoke.

“Since she dared to touch the Sloan family, she has to pay the price even if she’s the daughter of the Stanton family!”

Clayton’s face was cold and sullen as he frowned. His eyes were obscure and cold.

“Isaac deserved it. I’m warning you too. If you touch one hair on Nicole, I’ll never let you off easily.”

Clayton had been part of the Sloan family before, but he left.

He knew all the shameful secrets of the Sloan family.

That was what saved his life.

Now, it would save Nicole’s life too.

No one noticed that when Clayton mentioned Nicole, a clear trace of panic flashed on Autumn’s face.

Quavon gritted his teeth and glared at Clayton.

He knew that Clayton was rebellious since he was young. He reacted differently from the other illegitimate children in other affluent families.

When other families brought back their illegitimate children, the illegitimate children would be so grateful that they would do anything.

Even during power struggles, they would just be pawns. However, Clayton was not like that.

Clayton had been silent since childhood, but he was never timid and never cowered.

When Clayton was at the age where he could be independent, he took the initiative to leave the Sloan family. He wanted his ridiculous dignity.

Before long, instead of Clayton’s wretched return, what they saw was Clayton’s ability and achievements of outstanding excellence.

Clayton was so gentle and modest in the eyes of outsiders, but only Quavon knew that at heart, Clayton was a cold and selfish person.

That was why Quavon came over to give Clayton a way out and let him back into the Sloan family.

However, even with a great temptation such as the power and status of the whole Sloan family, Clayton was still unmoved.

Clayton was about to walk out.

Autumn could not hold back anymore. She looked at Quavon and lifted her feet to run after Clayton.

She certainly looked favorably on the Sloan family, but after listening to their conversation, she seemed to understand that there were too many secrets in their family. The person she liked more was Clayton.

“Mr. Sloan, rest here for the night before you leave. It’s too late anyway…”

Before she could finish speaking, Clayton suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked back at her.

There was cold scrutiny in his eyes. “What’s too late?”

His voice was deep, dark, and threatening.

Autumn opened her mouth, and her face changed slightly. She knew that she said the wrong thing.

Not knowing how to explain herself, her brain short-

circuited for a moment.

Autumn was too nervous.

She bit her lower lip and loo ked at him with an aggrieved gaze.

“Is she that great? The Sloan family won’t forgive her for harming Isaac. You’ll soon own the entire Sloan Corporation, but you’re giving it up for that one woman? Shouldn’t you weigh the benefits?!”

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