The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1287

Nicole frowned. Before she could speak, Clayton spoke up in a cold voice.

“No, Old Master Leonard probably knows about this matter. He also knows that Autumn found that reporter. He just indulged her, but the one who set fire to the warehouse isn’t him.”

“Then who is it?” Kai asked.

“It’s Quavon.”

Clayton’s face visibly stiffened when he mentioned that name.

The room was silent for a moment. Floyd’s eyes darkened.

“Quavon Sloan is here? Your father?”

Clayton nodded. His eyes could not help but turn to look at the dumbfounded Nicole.

“I went to find that person who had been sneaking around. They led me to a corner, and someone knocked me out from behind. They came prepared.”

In an instant.

Floyd became wary.

His face also became grim. “You saw him?”

Clayton nodded.

“He found out the truth behind Isaac’s paralysis, so he secretly came here.”

That was why not even Eric Ferguson, who was in Liberty, knew that Quavon came to Mediania.

It was evident that Quavon’s power was not to be underestimated.

Floyd’s expression sank as he remained silent.

If that was really the case, then they were too careless back then.

They should not have let Nicole go alone.

Nicole coughed. Her voice was still hoarse, but her expression was calm.

“Since he came here secretly, he must not have brought many people with him. There’s no need for us to worry about this.”

Floyd nodded.

Clayton went over to touch her hair and spoke in a low voice.

”You can’t go out alone until he leaves Mediania.”

Nicole smiled and did not respond. She did not feel that scared.

Back then, she did not kill Isaac out of kindness!

Nicole took a deep breath. ”Then let’s solve the problem one step at a time!”

She was confident.

In any case, when it came to her territory, ordering people around was something she loved to do.

Kai laughed and clicked his tongue before turning to leave the room.

Nicole called after him. “Remember my cruise ship!”

Kai’s back stiffened and he snorted.

“All of my hard-earned money will be squandered by you sooner or later!”

Nicole laughed happily.

Clayton also smiled. “What do you want to ask from me?”

Nicole paused and blinked. She did not understand.

Clayton put his smile away.

“You want a cruise ship? I can buy one for you too. What else do you want?”

No matter how hard it was to get what she wanted, Clayton wanted to give it to her.

He wanted to give the whole world to her. He wanted to give her his life too!

Nicole frowned. She never thought about that question before.

She did not really want a cruise ship. She just wanted to spend Kai’s money.

Kai did not lack that money anyway.

Nicole had never reached out and asked another man for something before.

That feeling was a little unfamiliar.

However, looking at Clayton’s expectant gaze, Nicole really did not want to let him down.

Nicole thought about it. “I want to ride a horse.”

When she got better, Nicole wanted to go horseback riding and experience the feeling of going wild.

She had not been horseback riding for a long time, so she quite missed it.

Clayton smiled.

He reached out and pinched Nicole’s earlobe. His tone was indulgent.

“Okay, wait for a few days!”

Nicole nodded.

She had no intention to go out immediately anyway.

With her current physical condition, it was likely that she would fall off the horse.

Clayton stayed there until it was dark.

Since Floyd did not say that Clayton could stay the night, Clayton could not take the initiative to stay either.

There were still a lot of things piling up behind him.

Clayton only got in the mood to care about other matters when he saw that Nicole was fine.

However, Clayton watched Nicole eat dinner before he said goodbye.

Nicole did not force him to stay either.

She told him to cheer up and not to do anything out of the ordinary.

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