The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1292

However, there were no notifications from Clayton. There was not a single message or phone call!

That was too strange.

Nicole frowned. This simply could not have happened before. She thought, ’Maybe he just got back and has too much work to do that he can’t finish?’

Nicole finished her shower and pondered, wondering if he was already asleep.

She decided to send him a message. [I’m going to sleep. Goodnight!]

Clayton replied before she could close her eyes. [ Goodnight. Sweet dreams!]

Nicole looked at the reply for a long time before her mood gradually calmed down.

She turned off the phone and went to sleep. Early the next morning, Nicole called Logan.

Since she came back, Logan naturally followed her back as well.

Logan found information about Sloan Corporation and sent it to her. It was the latest news, and everything was very detailed.

He followed Nicole to the study as soon as he arrived.

The butler wanted to send some refreshments upstairs but was stopped by Floyd.

The butler was very disappointed.

”The Young Lady used to love to eat the snacks I made when she was doing her homework…”

Floyd said, “She’s taking an exam, not doing ordinary homework!”

“Alright, I’ll send it to the Third Young Master.”

In the study.

Nicole typed on the three computers in front of her. The computer screen was displaying a very complicated stock chart, but she did not look intimidated at all.

To the side, Logan made several plans and handed them to her.

“President, this is currently the biggest domain among Sloan Corporation’s industries. The medical sector has always been the most cutting edge and promising.”

Nicole took it and looked at it. Their group had the best control over traders and dealers, and their stock results were very excellent.

The rise and fall were very regular. A layman might not be able to see it, but an insider could catch it at a glance.

They were veterans at ripping people off. It was no wonder they earned so much money.

Nicole stared at it for ten minutes before squinting and calculating the time.

“Usually, there’ll be a cyclical period of one or two years, but we can’t wait that long now. There’ll be an important festival one week from now in Liberty. The medical field is essential in this respect and will surely rise. Their momentum will rise along with it. One week later, spread the news everywhere that Isaac is paralyzed. Their stocks will definitely drop…”

Isaac as the heir of Sloan Corporation was already a certain fact.

If Isaac suddenly became paralyzed, it would certainly cause quite a stir.

That was without mentioning how unpleasant the reason he was paralyzed. Without a leader, this would only create distrust and anxiety about the future of Sloan Corporation.

This was the reason why large corporations tried desperately to maintain their image.

The slightest negative impact would produce a series of chain reactions.

Logan nodded and paused.

“President, since Mr. Sloan is an expert and he knows the Sloan family the best, should we ask for his opinion?”

Nicole looked at him and spoke in a light tone.

“He still has blood relations with them. Since it’s a matter between the Stanton and Sloan families, don’t let him get involved.”

Whether Clayton was willing or not, it would be difficult for him if his identity was brought up.

Logan nodded silently.

The two stayed upstairs for more than two hours before Logan hurried downstairs and went to the office to make preparations.

Nicole stayed for a while longer before slowly opening the door and going out.

Tigger was running circles in the doorway and rubbed her feet when it saw her come out.

Nicole bent down to pick it up. “Are you very excited because you’re gonna see Molly soon?” Tigger bristled. “No, not at all!”

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