The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1294

Kai even laughed at Clayton several times and ridiculed him privately to Maverick, wondering if Nicole was done fooling around with Clayton and wanted to break up.

Maverick did not answer.

It was only when Kai could not get through the phone with Nicole that he felt his position was even worse than Clayton’s.

What a slap in the face!

Floyd just comforted Clayton and told him not to think too much. It was normal for Nicole to be busy. After all, Grant was not around, so there was a mess of things waiting for her to deal with.

Clayton could only smile and leave. One week later.

The stock market saw an explosive plunge.

Some of the stockholders in Liberty lost money in this turmoil and almost lost their entire fortunes.

This led to people mass selling to protect their capital.

Now, there were already 90% of people who could not even keep their capital.

Everyone had been looking for the cause of the stock market plunge, and a piece of insider information suddenly circulated.

The bigwigs behind the stock market manipulation had been hit hard, and the prospects of the family were unknown, so they took the money and ran away.

The most common means of capitalists was to rip people off.

This wave of turmoil was the precursor to that.

Immediately after, everyone saw a company on the verge o f bankruptcy suddenly rise from the dead overnight, buying most of the stocks that went low in this turbulent period.

Not two days later, the stock market suddenly and inexplicably rose again, too late for anyone to even react.

One of the people behind the largest positions was the Sloan family.

With this wave of operations, whether someone was an insider or outsider, they would be blind not to see what was going on.

Everyone lost money when the stock market was in turmoil, and only the Sloan family earned a pot of gold.

When everyone understood, many shareholders were blocked in the corporation’s office building below, demanding a statement.

It was clear that someone behind the scenes was manipulating the incident, treating the stockholders as fools.

The security in Liberty was different from Mediania. These stockholders had plenty of guns and ammo in their hands, so they could do anything they wanted.

A few of the stronger people got agitated and stormed inside the building, injuring several of the security personnel.

However, they were quickly caught by the police who rushed over.

Although no one rushed in for a while, more and more people blocked the entrance to the building. The people inside did not dare to come out, and the people outside would not let them out either.

Like this, the standoff lasted for two whole days with the front and back doors locked.

For a time, the sensational news bombarded Liberty’s headlines and could not be suppressed.

Sloan Corporation was originally led by Isaac. After Isaac’s accident, it fell into the hands of the vice president.

Quavon was originally focused on revenge, so not many people knew that he went to Mediania.

However, the large event in Mediania was clearly targeted a t Sloan Corporation.

Now, Quavon could not go back even if he wanted to.

“Chairman Sloan, you really have to go back. Why don’t you go back with Clayton?”

Autumn had been lingering around Quavon recently just to get the opportunity to meet with Clayton. It would be best if she could follow them back to Liberty.

The corners of Quavon’s mouth twitched.

“I looked for him several times, but he didn’t come to see me a single time. It’s clear that he really isn’t interested in Sloan Corporation, but let’s wait and see. When it’s hopeless with that woman, he’ll naturally come back obediently.”

No one could refuse the temptation of a whole corporation.

Quavon did not believe that his bastard son, the refined egoist, would turn a blind eye to all that wealth.

Autumn frowned and thought about it before carefully proposing, “Do you need me to go over with you to help?”

Quavon paused. “You stay here and watch that woman. Don’t disappear for no reason.”

Autumn opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she did not have a chance to push her luck.

Watch Nicole by herself? He must be joking!

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