The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1297

Now that things had come to this, it was time to rethink.

Quavon knew that he underestimated Nicole. He also underestimated Clayton.

He turned around coldly and left. Nicole’s men did not stop him.

Seeing Quavon enter the boarding gate, Nicole turned her head. “Why are you…”

Before Nicole could finish speaking, Clayton’s hand suddenly rested on her shoulder. When he got close, she smelled the warm and familiar faint fragrance of his body.

His warm lips gently landed on her forehead, and Nicole felt as if she was electrocuted. Her heart trembled violently.

Her heart, which had cooled these days, suddenly thumped and warmed up.

Her expression subconsciously softened.

However, the next second, the airport announced for the flight attendants to board the plane.

Clayton let go of her and looked at her with a deep gaze.

“I’m going to take this flight back to Liberty. I’ll talk to you when I get back.”

Nicole looked at him in shock. “So sudden?”

Clayton nodded. The corners of his lips curled into a smile as he looked at her.

“I can’t keep letting you live in danger where you can’t go out. I’ll get this matter resolved. Don’t worry, everything will be fine from now on.”

Nicole frowned slightly. There seemed to be something off with his words.

She reached out and took his hand. “I don’t understand. What’s the use of you going back? The Sloan family knows about our relationship and won’t side with you. You’ll be in danger instead.”

Clayton smiled and reached out to stroke her hair.

The two of them exchanged emotions in their eyes as if no one was watching. From a third-party perspective, they looked like they had strong feelings for each other.

For example, Autumn’s eyes were red, but she could not insert her presence anywhere.

They were acting as if they were at their home with no one else around.

They were intimate and firm.

They looked like the perfect couple.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. The Sloan family won’t dare to touch me. What I have in my hand is enough to make them lose their reputation.”

Nicole pursed her lips and looked up at him.

“You’re the one who manipulated the stock market in Liberty?”

Nicole had been suspecting that for the past few days.

She wanted to tamper with the stock market, but since it involved a foreign country, it would require spending extra assets and energy. The preparation itself required a lot of organization.

However, before she could start, someone else took the lead.

That move was intense and large-scale, leaving no room for maneuver.

Nicole originally thought it was just a coincidence, but when the SEC investigated the Sloan family, she vaguely realized that the turmoil was man-made.

However, who was it who helped her so much?

Nicole did not have time to figure it out and simply took advantage of the situation.

The springboard was right in front of her, so she had no reason not to use it.

However, at that moment, she suddenly felt that Clayton must have something to do with the stock market turmoil.

Clayton stood there, dressed in a black woolen coat. His aura was powerful, and he exuded a faint coldness.

However, when he looked at Nicole, he was still warm as usual.

Every time Nicole looked at him, it felt like the clear skies after the rain.

Clayton only smiled and did not answer her, as if this matter was not worth mentioning.

Nicole took a deep breath.

“Do you know the consequences if you’re discovered?” Clayton’s smile carried a hint of disdain.

“Don’t forget, that’s my territory. My word is the law on Wall Street.”

For the first time, he did not conceal his abilities and flaunted his achievements without exaggeration.

Nicole was stunned for a moment. Clayton reached out and pinched her earlobe. His voice was low and deep.

“Go home. I left you a surprise. It’s a gift that you’ll like.”

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