The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1302

Nicole’s casual tone gave Eric an illusion.

That illusion was that their relationship had eased. Eric took it with a smile. “Of course not.”

He helped her so much, so Nicole would not use numbers on a check to measure his help.

Eric knew that very well.

He only needed a chance to get closer to her. Nicole stood on a step to be at eye-level with him.

Since she was staying at home all the time, Nicole

changed into more casual attire and looked slightly gentler.

She hugged her arms and looked at him.

“That’s a thank-you gift. I’m someone that distinguishes my gratitude and grievances clearly. Your people helped me contact several major shareholders of Sloan Corporation and made them willingly sell their shares to me secretly. I accepted this favor, but I can’t accept it for nothing. This is a thank-you gift that you need the most. Accept it.”

Nicole smiled and continued, “I have a video conference in two minutes, so I’ll go upstairs and get ready. Help yourself.”

She was not being impolite. She just really did not want to see Eric’s affectionate eyes.

It was really awkward.

Since Nicole did not plan to start over with Eric, she would not give him a single chance.

Then, she stepped on her slippers and went upstairs.

Eric’s expression faintly darkened. He pursed his lips. His throat instantly tightened.

Watching her go upstairs, Eric wanted to say something, but he closed his mouth.

It was too early now.

It was not a good time.

Eric looked at the envelope in front of him and opened it up. A land transfer agreement came into view.

His face stiffened as his gaze swept across it.

The content inside was the transfer agreement of a piece of land to Ferguson Corporation at a very low price. It was the same as giving it away for free.

This piece of land was one of the most vital pieces among the new projects Eric had been secretly planning.

If this piece of land did not belong to Eric, then the progress in other areas would be affected and constrained, and even more costly to maintain.

Eric knew that this piece of land belonged to Stanton Corporation, but he did not make a move.

He was hesitating on whether to pull Stanton Corporation into this project. It would be like a joyous event from heaven.

However, it turned out that Nicole knew about this secret project all along.

The surrounding plots of land fell into Eric’s hands one by one, so the perceptive Nicole must have been able to perceive something.

Indeed, for Ferguson Corporation, this thank-you gift was really weighty. It was worth much more than a check!

Eric’s blueprint came together. Nicole gave him the perfect complement for this crucial link.

The thank-you gift Nicole gave him was worth more than the help he gave her.

However, Eric’s heart felt like it was being crushed by a huge stone. It was sinking so much that he had difficulty breathing.

This was merely an exchange of interests.

No one took advantage of the other in terms of benefits. However, Eric did not feel happy.

Even if Nicole only said a casual “thanks”, or exposed this matter indifferently, or even if she did not say a word of gratitude, Eric felt that he would not feel as bad as he did now.

His hands tightly clenched the document, so much so that the veins on his hands bulged out.

It was clear that he was gripping it tightly.

He knew that Nicole was drawing a line between them. Interests meant mutual non-aggression.

It was a really unpleasant feeling.

Kai saw Eric’s face change extremely fast from when he came in to the time he left.

Kai wanted to say a few words to provoke Eric, but Eric’s face was livid and cold. Eric did not look like he was easy to provoke.

After thinking about it, Kai swallowed back his words.

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