The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1304

Nicole occasionally swept a glance. All the trending topics were about her and that project in Sand City.

[Goddess Nicole, come back safely. You’re gonna be the richest person in the world!] [That reporter is so unprofessional. He’s basically discrediting the whole communication industry. He went out of his way to frame someone else just because of a little money?] [A clear conscience laughs at false accusations. If Stanton Corporation has to go through a quality inspection, then so be it. Even if they lose money, they still want a statement! I praise their moral integrity!] [The person who started the fire must be afraid that the quality control department would find that there’s nothing wrong, right? How ridiculous!] [I can guarantee that this fire was definitely not something that Stanton Corporation planned themselves. They will never throw their president into the warehouse to burn as well] [I was present when she was rescued. Goddess Nicole almost didn’t make it. The door was locked from the outside. There were three ambulances and even patrol cars there.] [There was a handsome man who rushed into the fire to carry her out. I have to say that the man is really attractive!] [The person who started the fire was clearly trying to destroy evidence so that others will think that the Stanton family did it themselves, right? The eyes of the masses are bright and clear!] [Always believe in Goddess Nicole’s innocence! Hurry up and get well. The business and entertainment circles are soulless without you!] [The culprit must be severely punished. They’re too much! They even dared to kidnap someone of Nicole’s stature? If the person was an ordinary civilian, would he still be lucky enough to live?] [Don’t die, Goddess. I bought ten houses at once in order to support your career!]

Nicole laughed softly. The online voices were really rich, but the good thing was that Stanton Corporation came out from this public opinion unharmed.

The phone suddenly rang.

She looked at it and saw that it was Yvette.

She picked it up.

Yvette called out tentatively. “Lil N?”

Nicole frowned and looked at the screen again. ’Yes, it’s Yvette.’

“What’s wrong? Why do you sound so strange?”

Yvette breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re still alive. You scared me to death!”

Nicole said, “Can I still scare you to death if I’m dead?”

Yvette hastily denied it. “No, no. There are rumors in the circle that you were burned to death. How long has it been since you went out?”

Nicole pursed her lips. It seemed like apart from the day she went out to the airport and then came back immediately, she never went out again.

“I’ve been busy lately, and my body hasn’t recovered, so the doctor told me to recuperate at home.”

“I knew it. If something happened to you, how would the Stanton family still be so calm?”

Yvette muttered and really could not stand it.

“You should really say something online, or people might actually start offering you condolence flowers…”

Nicole was speechless. Was it that bad?

Yvette insisted that Nicole should hurry up and post something. Otherwise, the media would start using news of her “death” to attract attention.

Nicole agreed and chatted with her for a few more minutes before hanging up the phone.

Then, Nicole took her phone and logged into her social media account. She thought about it before posting a message.


Nicole’s account had at least 15 million followers. She only posted one word, but in just a few minutes, tens of thousands of comments came flooding in.

Nicole did not even have time to click on it. The little red dots popped up incessantly.

She was instantly at a loss.

Suddenly, she saw the first reply below her comment. “Meow—”

Nicole did not understand. She looked at the person who replied and felt that the nickname was somewhat familiar,

especially the avatar.

She clicked into it. The avatar was a photo of Lil Michael. In the photo, Lil Michael wore big pink glasses and pressed his little hands on his face as he looked at the lens in confusion.

Lil Michael looked a little like a child model. ‘ This was Clayton’s account!

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