The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1317

The atmosphere was extremely quiet.

It was cold.

Quavon said, “In other words, you’re not going to stop?”

Clayton said, “I didn’t do anything at all. Things have developed to the point of no return. It was you guys who courted death. If you all hadn’t gotten too greedy and wanted to lock up all the money, everything could still be saved. But now…”

He smiled.

The situation now was very clear.

Sloan Corporation was hit wave after wave. Even if the politicians wanted to stand up for them, reality would not allow it.

Countless people began to take to the streets to protest this stock market turmoil, and countless spearheads pointed at Sloan Corporation.

Instead of responding promptly and taking effective measures, Sloan Corporation condescendingly accused the demonstrators of being “unreasonable” with an arrogant attitude time and time again.

Sloan Corporation earned a lot of money, and they sunk their teeth in and refused to let go of the money.

They did not want to allow even a penny to leak out, which angered the stockholders even more.

Many people were demonstrating at the entrance of Sloan Corporation every day. All the companies under Sloan Corporation had been negatively impacted and boycotted.

Even their basic daily work had been seriously affected. “Are you only capable of saying cynical remarks now?” Quavon’s tone was gruff and displeased.

Clayton chuckled. His gaze glanced sideways at the tension that was inadvertently revealed on Quavon’s face.

He wanted to laugh because he felt like they deserved it.

“Spit the money out, and the people in Liberty will let you go.

It’s very simple. All they want is money.”

Quavon’s face changed.

“That’s impossible. That money doesn’t flow into my pocket. The company has so many people from top to bottom. The decision for what to do with this money doesn’t lie with just one person. Besides, the company already took this money to build relations with the authorities a long time ago. It’s impossible to take back.”

Clayton picked up the tea and took a sip. His face was indifferent.

“Then suspend from Nasdaq and prepare to be delisted.” Quavon’s face changed. He glared fiercely at Clayton. “Clayton, you really don’t plan on helping me at all?”

“I’m meeting you not to give you the wrong message. What good does it do to me to help you? There’s nothing to say between us.”

The corners of Clayton’s mouth curled into a cold and sullen arc.

Suddenly, Quavon stood up with a hideous expression and stared at Clayton angrily.

“Fine, then we’ll talk about business. Come back to the Sloan family, and everything Isaac has will be yours. All the wealth of Sloan Corporation in exchange for you helping us get through this risky period!”

Clayton sneered and raised his eyes to look at Quavon. There were hints of chilly sharpness in his eyes.

“I told you, I don’t care about the Sloan family. I’m not interested in what Isaac has. Chairman Sloan, you really have a superiority complex, don’t you?”

Quavon was furious. “Fine, then what do you want? Are you happy to see the Sloan family get ruined like this?”

Clayton averted his gaze.

“I don’t get any benefits with the Sloan family around. It’s none of my business if they’re not around anymore.”

Quavon’s face turned ashen. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Fine, those were your words, Clayton. This is the only chance I’m giving you. Don’t regret it.”

Clayton laughed and looked up at him with a dull expression.

“Good luck.”

Quavon was so angry that he kicked the table, spilling tea all over the tabletop. One cup even rolled down to the ground and made a crisp sound.

He lifted his foot and turned to leave, slamming the office door loudly.

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