The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1332

Kai stood there in a complicated mood. He did not have as deep an understanding of operating models as Dominic had.

Although he was not optimistic, if Dominic was able to bring it up, that meant he had his own ideas.

“Fine. Are there any good-looking ones? Lil N wants to see them…”

As soon as Kai finished speaking, the office plunged into silence.

Dominic looked at Nicole meaningfully. Nicole looked at Kai in shock.

Kai looked at the two of them innocently. Did he have to be so blunt?

Could he not be more tactful?

After a long time, Dominic laughed and took the initiative to break the silence.

“I understand, I understand!”

Nicole asked, “What do you understand?”

Dominic winked at her. “Don’t worry, Ms. Stanton. I won’t say anything about this. It’s a common thing!”

Nicole felt something stuck in her throat. “I’m not…”

Dominic made a gesture. “There’s one that’s really quite good-looking. I decided to let him be the leader. He’s 6’2 and looks like…”
He suddenly did not know how to describe the man.

“Let’s put it this way. I took him to attend a lot of drinking parties, and whether it’s men or women, they all want to take him for themselves!”

Nicole was speechless.

Dominic smiled at her. His smile was a little cunning. “He’s specially reserved for you!”

Nicole sucked in a breath of cold air. She wanted to beat Dominic to death!

Kai was very interested and smiled. “Bring us to him then?”

Dominic smiled. “No need. I’ll let him come up…” He was about to call.

Nicole hurriedIy stopped him. If they called him up here, they would not be able to explain the reason why.

“Don’t. We’re just curious and want to see. I don’t want to do anything!”

Dominic frowned. “Ms. Stanton, you don’t have to be embarrassed. No one will know!”

To the side, Kai added fuel to the fire. “That’s right.” Nicole wanted to explode with anger.

Were these two people crazy?

“I really just want to see the group, and not just him alone. Shouldn’t I meet all of them?”

Nicole gritted her teeth and looked at Kai. Kai instantly understood.

’Yes, she should see all of them. We’ll go down and let Lil N pick for herself.

Dominic immediately agreed. “Sure, no problem!” Nicole was speechless.

She wanted to bash her head in. Dominic cheerfully led the way in front.

“There are ladies too. Do you want to see?”

Kai wrinkled his brows. “No. I have a girlfriend. She won’t be happy if she finds out.”

To the side, Nicole huffed. “Don’t I have a boyfriend?”

Kai said, “You can change yours any time. He’s not in the country anyway.”

Nicole choked.

She could not find a rebuttal.

It was best if Kai could hurry up and get out of the country!

Dominic finally realized Nicole’s hobby and could not wait to cater to her tastes and fix her ruined impression of him.

Thus, Dominic would send that guy to Nicole no matter what.

Fortunately, that man’s business ability was not that good, and all the investors were adopting a wait-and-see attitude, so he did not have that big of a fanbase.

There was a special practice room in the company separate from the front building.

There was a glass bridge in the middle of the twin buildings, and it was possible to wal k across that bridge to get to the building where they practiced. The layout of the whole office was very wide and grand.

Back then, Kai bought these two buildings with a wave of his hand and did not even blink. He really was rich and overbearing.

The manager was waiting at the exit of another floor.

Nicole looked at him and found him somewhat familiar. “Weren’t you with Fabian?”

The manager was stunned before smiling. “I stopped following him a long time ago. Nicole frowned, puzzled. “Huh?”

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