The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1334

Nicole was stunned. “A family studio?”

Dominic snickered. “You’re quite professional. That’s why I’m not worried about his contract termination at all. Some occupations can only be done when a person is young.

He can’t keep this up forever. It’ll be time to transition in a couple of years. Maybe he’ll have to come back obediently. Even if he doesn’t come back, we won’t lose anything.”

Nicole clicked her tongue. It was no wonder a shrewd man like Dominic was so obedient as to terminate the contract without use of any underhanded tactics, even though it looked like an obvious money-losing deal.

Kai and the manager stood in front, not at all concerned about the contents of their conversation.

In this business, outsiders were able to see clearer and further than the parties directly involved.

Although Fabian’s momentum was strong, there were countless artists with the same type of persona as him.

Without the strong backing of the company, and that home studio of his that was neither professional nor dedicated, how would they be able to continue Fabian’s brilliance?

It was not easy to maintain his current persona. Nicole smiled and did not continue to speak.

The group walked to a room next to the practice room. One of the walls inside was a full mirror, so they could clearly see the practice room next door.

Fortunately, the practice room was large enough. Otherwise, the seventeen people would have felt cramped no matter how they stood.

It was no wonder Dominic fiercely recommended the one in the middle who was practicing singing and dancing.

Whether it was height, image, or temperament, there was something unique about him.

They glanced over. Their eyes and attention subconsciously fell on the person in the middle.

He was really too perfect and attractive.

If he debuted alone, he would definitely be a hit.

He had deep facial features, a cool temperament, and light melancholic eyes. He looked even more striking than Fabian.

Kai clicked his tongue. “No wonder. Where did you find him?”

Dominic smiled. “He was the school hunk in a foreign university. I discovered him by chance. Later, his family situation suddenly changed, and I scooped him up. How is it? Not bad, eh?”

Kai nodded. He had to admit that he was used to seeing handsome men and women in the circle, but it was his first time seeing someone so good-looking.

He did not have the kind of feminine beauty that was popular nowadays. His eyes had a rigid and cool youthful feel. No matter how much one zoomed in, it was impossible to find a flaw on his face.

That face was too suitable for the big screen.

“Yes, the people in the company are secretly saying that Maddox is almost as good as Kai was back then. He has looks that are blessed by the heavens. We have to take him!”

The manager spoke with a grin. It was clear that he had even higher hopes for Maddox. Kai smiled and said nothing.

Nicole looked at him, and then at Kai.

“My brother is an eternal legend. No one can compare to him!”

Dominic and the manager were speechless.

Kai smiled meaningfully and glanced at Dominic.

“What are you still standing there for? Aren’t you going to create a chance for my dear sister to meet him?”

Nicole froze for a moment.

Dominic immediately reacted and walked to the door next to the mirror.
“Right away. Get ready, Ms. Stanton…”

Before Nicole could open her mouth to refuse, the door opened.

Damn it!

That Dominic Young was such a dog!

Dominic pushed the door in and clapped his hands.

When everyone saw that it was Dominic, they stopped what they were doing and stood there obediently.

It was clear that they were all respectful and afraid of him.

Dominic said, “The company has high hopes for you all. You must train your basic skills well before your debut so that you won’t be scolded for being just a pretty face who lives off your looks! But look at how you guys practiced earlier. The sax sounded more like a trumpet! Are you trying to scare your fans to death?”

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