The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1343

The environment was agitated to a certain extent. Even the political circles began to warn Sloan Corporation to solve this matter quickly in order to avoid social unrest.

Faced with countless cameras, Quavon could only choose to delist.

However, he had already missed the best time to delist at this juncture.

Their internal capital shortage was too big to be filled.

One of the board of directors proposed to get someone to acquire their company.

Quavon was so furious at that moment that he was hospitalized.

He never dreamed that Sloan Corporation would end up like this.

It was evident how badly Isaac had run the company.

Once this solution was proposed, some people put their hopes on it.

To rise again was no longer possible, so they could only hope to be acquired to temporarily alleviate the current shortage of funds.

Thus, despite Quavon’s objection, the board of directors decided to discuss the acquisition details the day after tomorrow.

As soon as this news was released, it immediately caused a huge sensation.

The formerly glorious Sloan Corporation had fallen into such despair!

Countless counterparts were lamenting and geared up to participate in this acquisition.

However, the prices offered were not very high.

They are also waiting to see how the situation developed.

When Nicole arrived in Liberty, she took a deep breath as soon as she landed.

No one knew that Nicole came to Liberty. She did not even tell Clayton a word about it.

Logan and Luca followed her in the back, each standing to her left and right. which made Nicole’s temperament even more outstanding, cool, and noble.

Many people noticed them, but Nicole did not stay for long and went into the car.

When they arrived at the hotel, Nicole double confirmed the plan with Grant through a video call.

The two of them were immediately on the same page. The next day.

Sloan Corporation’s meeting was scheduled at another hotel’s conference center. They spent a lot of effort keeping this under wraps from the demonstrators and reporters.

Nicole has been waiting for this day for a long time. Early in the morning, she left the hotel and got into the car.

Luca came over as usual and calmly reported.

“Last night, three trained personnel spiked the red wine that you ordered. The red wine and the three people have been taken care of.”

Nicole responded with a faint “mm”, unconcerned.

She had to admit that Quavon Sloan still had power here. From the time Nicole’s flight landed, there was constant trouble secretly trying to ambush her.

However, these people only saw Luca and did not notice that other people were protecting Nicole in the shadows.

How could Nicole come to Liberty unprepared?

The Sloan family secretly made a move on her, so they must have known that Nicole had something to do with the future of Sloan Corporation since she came over at this juncture.

Quavon Sloan refused to let Nicole get such a bargain.

Thus, Quavon simply wanted to settle the score with Nicole, including Isaac’s matter.

Logan handed the document over.

“I have spoken to the Vice President who is now the Acting President of Sloan Corporation. He will fully support us at the meeting, but Mrs. Sloan still has twenty percent of Sloan Corporation’s shares, which is a hidden danger. If Mrs. Sloan makes her position clear in support of Ouavon, even if our shares are dominant, I’m afraid we won’t be able to control the whole situation smoothly.”

Nicole faintly glanced at the contents of the document, then gently closed it and rubbed her eyes.

“It doesn’t matter. If we can’t contact Mrs. Sloan, Quavon Sloan may not be able to do so either.”

Logan nodded and handed over the prepared breakfast. They arrived at the conference center.

The meeting had already started, but Nicole did not care that she was already late.

Logan showed his proof of identity, and the person at the door immediately let them in.

He pushed the door in.

The large conference center had quite a lot of people.

The future of the Sloan Corporation was in the hands of these people.

When Nicole walked in, she immediately attracted the attention of those present.

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